Wedding. Staining. Sweating.

Happy Monday!
Well we were sad to leave the lake on Friday but knew we had a good weekend ahead! Before leaving I went for another ski and got up on 1 ski like the old days! :) I was pretty pumped and really enjoyed it! 
Can't wait to go again in September!
Saturday morning we got up early and started staining the deck, it was already so hot at 9:00am! Jolie came over to help us out too and the 3 of us powered through the first coat.
Then we had to quickly get ready for Feo & Christine's wedding! And I mean quick, we had 30 min to shower and make ourselves wedding worthy! Needless to say, I did my make up in the car! That was a first.
We made the hour+ trek out to the wedding site and immediately loved the venue. It was his grandfather's old farm that is no longer used.
Probably my favorite part of the wedding was the fact that Feo had a farmer friend of this plant a huge crop of Canola in the field in June. The farmer said that Canola never takes on the first harvest and June was not the time to plant it, so if it was in bloom in August Feo should fly to Vegas to gamble and to buy a lotto ticket because chances were very slim!
Well - take a look...
It was beautiful!
The lovely bride walking down the aisle with her parents.
 One of my favorite things to do at a wedding is to watch the groom when the bride walks down the aisle. :) Love.
Feo told me he was going to cry for a good part of the ceremony and he was right!
It was SO hot for the ceremony. We may have melted into our chairs a little bit!
Justin's favorite part was when the cellists played Zelda and Metallica 'Fade to Black'. He was pumped.

All of the guys and thier significant others...
The ladies...

The guys...
My handsome man.
The happy couple.
Christine's dress was stunning.
Mark, Steph & Janina.
The tables were so pretty - fuchsia and deep purple.
About 100 lanterns decorated the ceiling...come dark - they were the only light!
Sam, Aly & Rock.
The yummy dessert!
It was so pretty at sunset.
We were channeling our inner Whitney. ;)
We switched into more comforable dancing shoes!
All in all it was an incredible wedding! SO much work was put into turning a field into a wedding venue. Feo and a crew of family were out there plowing the field, laying flooring, a dance floor, setting up the huge tent...HOURS of work. Nice work groom!

Jeff is still out of town so Jolie stayed at our house, hung out with Cruz, had a couple drinks with us when we got home and then had a sleepover!
Then we were all up early to tackle coat #2!
Thank you soooooo much Jolie - we so appreciate all your work and all the sweat you lost while helping us!!
(the deck that is...we still need to do the glass railings, paint the posts, put up and paint the privacy the bar...oi vey.)

 But right now we can't wait to get our furniture out there!! :)
Well there ya go. Guess where I am while you are reading this. 
 WORK. yup. First day back...and this body of mine refused to sleep last night, I was cursing the clock at 3am - and trust me 5:45am came very quickly...wish me luck today!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Your deck looks great! I know summer always goes by way too fast :( But I do love fall!

Nikki said...

The deck looks GREAT! Love the dress and shirt you wore to the wedding so cute! I also love how Justin wore suspenders! Thats awesome! Good luck on your first day back!

Katie said...

I love watching the groom too! and love your outfit - you look beautiful!!

Ashley said...

They deck looks fantastic!!! Can't wait to see it all together with the finishing touches!!

You guys looked great at the wedding and her dress was adorable!!

Hope you have an easy day back to work! I have been having issues sleeping lately too!! UGH!!

Leigh said...

The deck and wedding both looked great! Hope your first day back is going well :)

Bethany Scruggs said...

wellllll - your hubby is exceptionally good looking. in case you didn't know... (: you look amazing for 30 min prep!! I would have looked like a hott mess!

Tennille said...

The deck stain looks great! Love the 2-tone!

Janna Renee said...

I love your dress and your deck looks amazing!! I want to go to a wedding!

Leslie said...

what a beautiful location for a wedding!!
and your deck is HUGE! I'm jealous.. it looks so nice!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like such a fun wedding! And you look so put together - I never would have guessed you only had 30 minutes to get ready!

I love watching the groom's face too. Such an emotional moment!

Mom said...

Love the deck...can't wait to see it for real later this week. The wedding looks so cool. What a ton of work it must have been! Thank goodness the weather gods were looking over them.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

What a gorgeous wedding! And girl, that porch looks ah-mazing!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The deck looks amazing!! The wedding looked fabulous! Love that it was in a farmer's field with canola!!

I may have done my makeup in the car a few times before when running late!!

Back at work already? Boo!!! We never did get together during the day! Summer is way too short :( I'm with you on the insomnia. It's brutal. You will sleep well tonight I'm sure!

Shalyn said...

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I love the story about the Canola. And you looked beautiful! You'll have to let me know where you got your dress- it is so cute!

Whit said...

That wedding is INCREDIBLE!!! Holy smokers. Love it.. that would be a photography DREAM!! And you most definitely did it justice. Love all the sunset shots. :) The deck is pretty awesome. Can't wait for the BBQ ;) xox
ps. Tell that body of yours you need some sleep :(