It's true...

9 Comments is better at the lake.
We have had a great few days at the lake.
Kayaks. Reading. Workouts. Thrift store. Boat rides. Family dinners. Hanging out. Swims. Movies.

{Speaking of reading in the last 10 days I have read 3 great books: Leigh lent me:
 I LOVED the Secret Daughter! A must read.
And I bought this in BC:
 Different read but I was hooked. Recommend it for sure.}
Right now I'm trying my best not to think about the fact that I go back to work in 4 sleeps...pout. I know, I know I can't pout but I am !
 BUT the next 4 days are going to be FABULOUS.
Beautiful day today. Jersey boys in Edmonton tonight. Wedding Saturday. Staining the deck Sat & Sunday...I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer...

Anyways we went on an adventure yesterday!
We decided we wanted to kayak down the creek. So we towed the kayaks down to the end of the lake, tied the boat up at another cabin and then took off.
The calmness of the creek.
 We went as far as we could!
 Group shot!
  We then had a drink in the sun and headed to Nana's for a delicious dinner. :)
Perfect day!
Hope you all have a good one! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Enjoy the show tonight! Maybe we will see each other!
How was The Rescue? I just read The Lucky One and loved it, now to see the movie!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures, especially the ones of the kayaks behind the boat!! Great shot!!

I am about to give up on 50 shades... not my type of book! Myabe I will try the secret daughter

Al said...

that IS a perfect day :) I LOVE kayaking, and how cool you could drag them out with your boat!

You're so cute. "4 sleeps". I have started saying that now because of you :) I also can't wait to see pictures of that BEAUTIFULLY crafted stained deck!! Commmeee onnnn Sunday!


Leigh said...

Can I pretty please come back to Seba?! Looks like fun :)

Mom said...

Loved the kayak adventure with all of us. And have loved having all of us at the lake for the week....once again, missing Jeff though!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I loved Secret Daughter! That is one of my favorite books from this year. I also loved Room. So disturbing, but so good!

I love kayaking! I went for the first time in July and am hoping to go again once more this summer!

Janna Renee said...

Ooh I need some new books, so yay!! Plus I love Nicolas Sparks.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I loved Secret Daughter and Room! I have never been able to get into a Nicholas Sparks' book. I like most of his movies but he is one author that I think whose books make better movies.

Great adventure! Kayaking down the creek would have been a blast!

Whit said...

Ok next year we HAVE to do that kayak tour. Looks awesome. I love Nicolas Sparks!! xox