Bobby Dazzler...

is my husband. This guy:
That's what my Gran would call him if she could see what he was up to. Bobby Dazzler!

This deck has been Justin's project - he came up with the plan, the design, all the ideas - all him.

He could have just made a simple deck and I would have been a happy girl - but nooooooo...he decided to play his own little game of deck wars against himself.

He could have layed the deck boards normally and all in one direction - nope.
He has boards going in ALL directions.
He could have made a simple rectangular deck - nope.
He chose a funky shape to fit in our couches and his soon-to-be bar.
We could have stained it all one color - nope.
He wanted accents (the posts will be the dark color).
Then the latest... I thought we were throwing up simple privacy walls with lattice. Then all of sudden he is making frames and cutting all the crazy angles, pulling out slate tiles....say what? What are you doing I asked over and over...secret.
Well I was blown away when I saw his latest {simple} privacy wall come together.
(I stained this master piece and it was a royal pain in my patootie. The mastermind behind it all is still waiting for coat #2 and the back side completed - bahahaha!)
Isn't it lovely?
The man impresses me. I didn't know of these handy man skills he had and all these creative touches! Bonus. Makes me proud.
Thanks for all your hard work Justin - good thing you have had an excellent blond assistant all summer!
(A big Thank You to Blake, Jeff, Brian and Dustin for your help on this deck too!)

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Bethany Scruggs said...

Awhhhhhhhh! Well, my hubby is great at this stuff, too - but we're lucky if we make it through the project without a trip to the hospital! UGHHHHHHHHHH. Hahaaa. I love it!! I better be sitting on one of those couches one day! Just sayin'!

Katie said...

yeah for a good husband! and yeah for a beautiful deck!!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Great job Justin (and Alison I know you helped too)!

Kae said...

WOW!! That looks absolutely amazing! You two are so great for each other :) love it!

JB said...

Thanks Babe.
It's been fun!
Thanks for all your help.

Mom said...

Oh ya...Justin you ARE a Bobby Dazzler for sure...the privacy wall (and the deck of course)looks FABULOUS!!

And Alison...every handyman "needs" a BA (Beautiful Assistant) I have been one for years...well assistant anyway!!

Britt said...

OMG this is amazing! I love how he accented the beams. It looks fabulous!

Leigh said...

It's looking pretty darn good! Good thing he's so handy :) Haha I LOVE your mom's comment :)

Antoinette said...

This looks absolutely amazing! What a clever hubby you have.

Between the lines

Nikki said...

He could have just made a simple deck and I would have been a happy girl - but nooooooo...he decided to play his own little game of deck wars against himself.

I nearly choked when I read that! Classic!

The deck looks amazing!

When hes done can I barrow him to do some work around my house? Please?!?!

Jessica said...

The privacy screen looks awesome!!

Caroline said...

Looks amazing! You guys did a phenomenal job!

Al said...

OMG - my jaw just hit the floor! I can't put popsicle sticks together creatively - and look at that man do a deck! I see many future wine dates on that deck with a certain stateside blog-mate ;)
Love it, and Love you!!

Ashley said...

Looks awesome!!! Great job Justin!!!

Rachel and John said...

What a talented man!

Seriously said...

Very impressive!!! Well done, Justin and master stainer! ;)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow!! Great job Justin!! You will surely have the nicest deck in the neighborhood!!

Janna Renee said...

You should be proud! He's got skills and he wants to make his beautiful wifey happy! It seriously looks better than if you paid someone to do it!

Brooke said...

Your deck looks great!
We are building one too, slowly~

Just started following your blog~