Back. But not really.

I know you all prefer Cruz posting but I am back and I gotta say, Cruz kinda slacked on her posting too, what can I say she must be on lake time.
We have had a great time since I was last on here. We got back from our road trip on Saturday and now we are at the lake this week until Friday - so I may be on lake time for a few days this week too, we shall see! Bonus about this week: Jolie is joining us! Jeff had to go out of town for work so Jolie stayed to enjoy the week with us. :)

Where to start? ;) Rewind back to August 2nd before the long weekend..
We had a night at home after Logan and the kids left to get packed up and then it was in bed to watch a couple shows...
Cruz gets no attention by the way...
On our way to the lake - vacation had begun!
Last weekend was Regatta at the lake - as always we had a great time.
These two were buds. Uncle Justin spiked Dal's hair and Dal got matching shades.
Then it was off to the races. The kids (& Jeff) kicked butt and were rewarded with candy.
 The lake. Love.
 Playdough was played during the down time.
Then it was time for the parade. As usual - Mom and Dad were the best. This year it was Rocky Horror Boots.
(they always do a dance and always wear rain boots...)
Dad was the music man!
It's a good look for her!
 Dad and Mom looking thier very best!
 Auntie Toby
After the parade - a lake swim was a must! The girls went on the surf board with my Dad and Dal jumped off the dock to me over and over.
 Saturday night we all went to the dance and had a blast. It was fun to hangout with Logan [sans kids!] and have some laughs with the whole family. ;)
We run the Sandcastle building event Sunday morning and we pretty much had the exact same number of participants as last year. It's always so hard to pick the best!
Jeff's buddies entered the adult category. They may need some practice for next year. ;)
Leigh and Brian met us out at the lake afterwards and then it was Kan Jam tourny time! It was packed at our place for that and Jeff and Justin won {again!}
We went out in the boat to watch the awesome fire works show and then it was bed time as we had to be up early to hit the road for Whistler!
Up tomorrow: Whistler!

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Nikki said...

I think I need to go to your lake with you sometime and you to mine! Also I think it hilarious you mentioned kan jam because I just learned of this game this weekend at the lake!

Leslie said...

Looks like it was a great weekend.
The matching hair-do's/shades are too cute!
I have to admit..... Playdough is probably one of my more favourite kid’s things. Ha ha

Kae said...

wow, I am so jealous already! I love all the lake pictures! Looks like such a great time!
Your parents look great, and the olympics sound like so much fun!

Jessica said...

Hahaha love the Rocky Horror outfits!! Hilarious.

Page Twenty-Two said...

Rocky Horror Boots? That is just fantastic - love it!!!! Such good costumes:) Looks like you had an amazing time!

Whit said...

Crazy busy-ness looks like fun. Love the pics with Dal and Just. :)

Holly said...

Dal is the cutest little buttercup with his spiked hair. The lake looks so fun. I'm glad you're enjoying family, friends, and the weather!

Leigh said...

Dal is adorable (so are his sisters too!), your parent's crack me up in their costumes and I am glad we watched the tournament. Unless we would have gotten a prize for dead last?

Logan said...

Dal your soother needs to go!!!!!! (love mom)!!!!!!

Logan said...

Oh and his new shades are in that lake!

Katie said...

the boys and their matching hair - too cute!! Your lake trips always sounds like so much fun!

Kristin said...

your parents rock!! so fun

Ashley said...

Love all the pics! Your parents are soo cute!! What is the tournamnet all about!?