Summer found Calgary.

This weekend finally felt like summer! It was super hot all weekend (and today too). Love it. I also loved not having to get up super early this morning! And that Justin has this week off!!

Friday I finished work a bit early and went and picked JOLIE up from thier house as Jeff and Justin were working on the deck. After a brief storm the guys continued working while Jolie and I helped drink wine from the sidelines.
(doesn't seem like much but it's been a lot of work!)
When they were done working for the day we took them to the water hole for dinner. Yum. After dinner we all just hung out at our place, had some drinks and watched some IQ inhancing reality TV (The Choice). I can't say how great it is to have Jolie here.
Saturday Justin headed to Bragg Creek for a ride so Cruz and I just enjoyed the day! I ran a couple errands but otherwise we just hung out in the backyard, read, worked out - It was lovely.
Sunday we headed down to Sundance Lake for Easton's 1st birthday bash. We had so much fun and just love this little guy to bits. It was the perfect spot and day for a lake party! I will have a full post about it tomorrow as Whit threw a great party, I am just waiting for photos from the photographer (ahem - Whit...;) kidding).
After the party we came home and got to work on the deck - it was sweltering hot but Justin was happy with how much we accomplished. 
And this also makes him a happy man. All level!
This weekend we also watched American Pie Reunion and the newest Mission Impossible.
 Last night was one of the very few times that I wished we had air conditioning. It was so hot. Thank goodness for ice cubes, fans, Cruz's pool and that my 2 room mates don't mind when I wear short and a workout bra around the house! Holy hot.
Tonight we have Debbie, Crystal, Troy and Emerson coming over for an early birthday dinner for Crystal. So I now must peel myself off the couch and get cleaning and cooking. Happy Monday!!

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Leigh said...

The weather was so fantastic! So it might be a little hot, but if I hear one more person complain about it....I will yell at them to think about the -30 degree weather that isn't too far off! Can't wait to see how Easton's party turned out :)

Katie said...

sounds like such a fun weekend!! looking forward to pics of your new deck! And this last week has been so hot even with air I usually walk around the house in about that too!

Ashley said...

See there is that heat I promised!!! It has been hot here in Saskatchewan too!!! We did make it, but I have no cell service where we are!! Love all the pictures!!! Good job on the deck Justin!! What will Cruz do without all the mud!!

Gabriella said...

Awesome that you had such nice weather! Love those days!Can't wait to see the finished deck!

Tami said...

I love yours and Jolie's way of helping... that's my favorite way to help too. :)

Kae said...

OH what a great weekend! So great to work on the deck, can't wait to see what it will look like all nice and done!
Love the pictures, and hope Easton had a great 1st birthday!
loves! xxoo

Whit said...

Awesome weekend!!! So chill. Love that. I want Jolie's hair!! So cute. The deck is coming along - Nice work :)

Janna Renee said...

We don't have AC either! We put in a window unit, and that's the only thing getting me through the summer!