Happy Wednesday! I am happy to see the sun out today! On to some loves...

I'm loving Shutterfly! I have always used Photobook Canada for my photo books but Rachel and Abby both sent me coupons for 8x8 Shuttefly books and I loved it.
I made one for Whit for Easton's 1st birthday...
(I forgot to take photos so these are screen shots - sorry)
 And one for Jolie of her and Jeff. They both turned out super cute and I loved how easy it was!

I'm loving that Whitney and Easton popped by yesterday for a Starbucks walk & visit.
I just love my time with these two.
On our way back in the ravine we came across a couple with 3 dogs and A PIG!! It was so cool. The pig was so cute and Cruz just wasn't too sure - it was on a leash but she seemed to sense it was not a dog!
Check out my new bikini from Whit for helping make stuff for East's birthday party! LOVE!
My new motto: Will work for bikinis. :) She knows me so well.

I'm loving my new GLOBE!!
I was wandering Home Sense looking for something else and there it was!! I have been looking for a black globe for ever and have only found them in mini version but this one was perfect and the price was right. Thank you Home Sense!

I'm loving that I get to spend the day with this girl. I totally miss seeing her 5 days a week at school. Cruz is going to be so excited to see her! She loves Lil.

Lastly I am loving holidays..I have thouroughly enjoyed my time off so far, it has been very good for me and I am just so excited that I still basically have a month left and lots to look forward to! Thank you school system. I am excited to get more done on the deck tonight too! We got 4 railing posts in last night and will finish the last 6 tonight.
Enjoy your day everyone! :)

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Ashley said...

Is there more coupons? I am in need!! haha! I love my book as well!! I still have one to make with Photobook Canada! The globe is uber cute as well!!

Happy Holidays!!! (I realize this sounded Christmasy... but why not a little Christmas in July) ahah - minus the weather that comes with Chrsitmas of course!

Leigh said...

Is that bikini from Old Navy? If so, I was looking at it online and almost bought it! Love the globe...Brian really wants one

Katie said...

what a cute swim suit!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE that bikini! And so sorry to hear you are going through the same issue as me... it can be the most frustrating process. Hope it works out for you eventually!

Caroline said...

Shutterfly is the best. I use them for my Christmas cards too.

Joeylee said...

That's a really cool globe, I'm loving it in black

Kae said...

Oh I LOVE that bikini! Soooo adorable!
Love the photo books, you are so sweet to create them for Whit and Jolie!
So glad you are having a nice day friend!

Megan said...

I love the globe!! I need to orders a shutter fly book but I never do because it will take so long!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww you said "Rachel and Abby" and Rachel goes by "Rae" and... well... my little sister is Abby and she calls me Rae. And it made my heart smile.

Whit said...

Those books are awesome - I looove ours!!That Pig was SOOOO wicked!! We needed a picture of her. I need to get me one of those ;) haha - Awe Lily so cute. Another FULL month of vaca!! Lucky girl :)

Janna Renee said...

I'd work for bikinis too, especially ones that cute! By the way, I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to globes and maps. I am so inspired by them!