Happy Wednesday! Is anyone else melting? I won't complain but it's been hot!
Today Jolie and I were supposed to go see Magic Mike but the internet lied to us. We went for the 1:35pm showing and it did not exist. :( So we had a Starbucks instead and we'll make another date for next week!
 I'm loving my new necklace Jolie bought me. She has the NY one and now I have the AB one. Love it! And I have had so many compliments it! Thank you again Jols.
(also love my bright purple shorts Jolie picked up for me - Target!)
Our entire day yesterday. It was perfect.
We got an early start and headed to Kananaskis to hike to Lillian Lake.
We took Cruz there when she was just a pup so I had my mind set on creating some compairison that we did! :)

This one kills me! :)

 She was so little!!
She found some snow near the top = happy girl.
 It was a 13km hike and perfect because there was a creek beside us almost the whole way up and then a beautiful lake at the top so Cruz could cool off along the way.
(on her first trip here as a pup she only made it maybe a third of the way up)
Cruz is a great little hiker and doesn't mind the bear bell either!
 It was VERY hilly all the way up and our legs got a good workout!
 I LOVE this photo of my two loves. It's so beautiful up there and we couldn't get over how good it smells. So fresh.

 that after our hike we were back in the city by 1, went to order the rest of our wood for the deck, got a slurpee then worked on the deck. After we melted 20 times over Justin decided to take me on a date! We went to Milestones (thank you Debbie for our gift card) and it was delicious. Bonus: We sat on the patio and Tuesday is Bellini night! ok I'll have two...
(it has been too hot I refuse to blow my hair dry!)
Perfect day! :) Thank you Justin.

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Megan said...

First you look amazing!! All those workouts are doing you well!!

Second what a fun looking hiking trip!!

Love your date outfit! Super cute!!

Kae said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
Love the necklace and shorts!
You look fan-tabulous! Love the date night outfit.
The hiking pictures are great! So beautiful!
xxoo loves

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh baby Cruz ... I die. so stinking cute!
and hot. ugh. I hear ya. I can't wait for fall. and sherman is ready too.

Katie said...

i love your necklace!! and what a beautiful place to hike!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Such a good mama!! Love the comparison shots! Um, I'm sorry but what is a bear bell?? Love that last dress on you!! Bellinis sound heavenly too. Yay for fun date nights out on patios! Rock that air-hair. It's way too hot to blow dry!!

Leigh said...

Love the comparison pictures! I think that might be a hike we will have to try sometime. Looks so pretty! :)

Desi said...

Love your necklace (I need one of the U.P.!), love slurpees, and also...Thank you for the welcome back! I am definitely enjoying the heat, I will not be complaining because it feels so good :).

Kristin said...

Glad you are getting sun up there!! love love your new necklace and loving all the hiking pictures.

Janna Renee said...

Wow. That looks like such a gorgeous hike! I can't wait for the hubs to be back, so that we can go back in the mountains. Yay for date night too! You looked super cute ;)

Ashley said...

Love all the pics and I love that I have an idea on where you are talking about now! Lol!

Glad you are enjoying the heat I brought! Haha! Justin should have no reason to not have that deck built! The weather gas been awesome!

I also love those shorts and necklace, oh and your date night dress!

Whit said...

That hike looks INCREDIBLE!! I love the comparison shots. Cruz was such a cute pup!! Love the outfit!! You have more summer outfits than anyone I know :) haha.. So nice to have a date night!! xox

Nicholl Vincent said...

love your pics!


have a good night!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

OK where is the coral/peach coloured dress from? I think I must have it!!! Please don't say Target!!

I love that Alberta necklace!! Great idea!

The comparison shots of Cruz now vs when she was just a pup are priceless!! I think I want to do that hike too!

Lindsay Nicole said...

LOVE!!! All of you pictures!!!