Well today is my LAST day of work until August 20th...I will pop into the oddice to pack up a little more mid July but that's it! :) ahhhhh... I am free!

Last night was the night Ashley and Mike (and Grace and Lily) from Life As I Know It came for dinner - all the way from Ontario!
They put in an absurd number of miles to get to Calgary and I am just so so glad they did. It was SO great to finally "meet" Ashley instead of just emails and texts and we are now officially in real life friends. ;) And no Mike and Justin - it is not weird. 
I just wish I could rearrange the map and make Ontario closer, while I am at it, I would move a couple other provinces and states closer too. Darn.
Well here is our night in photos.

We had a crazy storm just before they arrived so Cruz introduced Lily and Grace to Calgary mud. SO fun! And SO messy!!
Mike & Ash.
 Lily, moi, Grace.
They are the sweetest dogs!
All the girls!!
 The awesome gift basket they made us - Ash made Cruz a collar, G & L picked out 2 toys for Cruz, wine from Ontario (Shiraz for J, Gewurztraminer for me - she knows our favs!), wine gums for Justin and these amazing mint chocolates truffles {that I am going to have to go to Ontario JUST to get more of! - Ok and maybe visit some friends too ;)} It was so kind and thoughtful of them.
 Ashley and Cruz.
 The 3 tired girls!
It was such a great visit - I did not want it to end and wish I didn't have to work today so I could tag along to their photo shoot with Whitney. Sigh.
Thank you again guys for making the trek to Calgary. This won't our last dinner!
I am so thankful for this little blog of mine. I have created some great friends through it, whether we have met in real life or not. Ashley and I created a great friendship over the past couple years just through email/texts and relating to what we are going through in our day to day lives.
Tonight I am soooo excited to see Jolie!!! We are having dinner with her and Jeff tonight! :)
It's also Easton's 1st Birthday party on Sunday! Monkey and Banana theme! So cute. It's at the lake in the south so hopefully we get the weather they are calling for! And you bet I'll be back with some adorable photos taken by his Mama.
Is he not the cutest! He know exactly what to do when the camera comes out!
And hopefully we can make some more progress on the deck. I helped to hang the joist hangers. :) Yes I did.
Alright guys - happy weekend and I am sooooo ready for summer now - come on 3:00pm.
PS. Luke Bryan songs scream summer to me and today summer begins...
Drunk on You 
& Country Girl (Shake it for me).

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Rebekah said...

Such a fun time! Meeting blog friends in real life and becoming good friends is such a blessing!

Simply Sara said...

I have never heard wine guns, what do they taste like?? Look yummy!


Bethany Scruggs said...

OMG that last Ecard made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you lived closer to meeeee. :(((

Makin Memories Of Us said...

How exciting you are able to meet some bloggers in real life! Easton is too cute - and I love his name.

I have that last ecard pinned on Pinterest - it still cracks me up everytime I see it!

Jessica said...

So fun that you got to meet ashley!!

ashley said...

Sounds like a great visit!

You definitely have a fun weekend coming up. Enjoy your supper tonight and your visit with Jolie. :) that song.

Amber said...

Off work until Aug 20th? You lucky bish!!

Leslie said...

Yea to being off work! That's awesome (I might be a little jealous though...)
Looks like you guys had a great night. We didn’t get any hail or rain in the south!
Have a great dinner tonight

Jessica said...

Wine gummies??? What??? Where can I find these?
I love me some Luke Bryan also.
Enjoy your weekend.

Whit said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend, especially Sunday ;) haha.. I kid. Finally work is DONE!!
haha. Cruz got the girls into the mud, haha.. too cute!!
Have a great night with Jolie and Jeff!!

Logan said...

Yay, I'm off till Aug 20th too!!! Well if I don't keep getting sick and Dal does dislocate any more elbows!! Lol

Easton is 1 already? Really? Wow time sure goes by quick! Happy birthday Easton!

A big YAY for Jolie being in Canada!!

Kristin said...

I am so jealous of your vacay!! And I love your hair, how did you make it wavy?

Ashley said...

I knew the chocolate would lure you to Ontario!!! LOL! But I am down with DR!! It was soo awesome meeting you!!! I wish we could have stayed and visited longer!! Time flies when you are having fun! I also would like that pasta recipe! YUM!

Have fun this weekend missy!!

Janna Renee said...

I am so jealous! It looked like y'all had so much fun, and I'm sure the dogs enjoyed it too! Haha. Isn't it funny that before blogging, we would probably never build relationships with someone we don't know, and now some of our closest friends are bloggers!

Kae said...

Love that its summer for you!
Whoop and you got to meet Ashley and Jolie is there! YAY!!
:) xxoo