Dear Deck. I heart you.

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was very productive.
It finally feels like we have a deck! Whoo hoo.
Cruz and I just got back from a walk with Amy and Rio - those two sure had fun playing. Thanks ladies.
{I then washed the Xterra and had a total blond moment or something - I KNOW how strong the water is coming out of the pressure hose at the hand wash...well I went to rub a spot that wasn't coming clean and sorta sprayed my finger and I just about cried from the pain! It seriously ripped the skin so bad that it hardly bled it was so deep. ;( Ouch. My finger is throbbing still. oh Alison}
 Moving on...weekend recap.

Sun tanning on the deck Friday afternoon. :)
 Friday night we went to Dustin and Whitney's for a delicious BBQ with Jeff and Jolie.
We had so much fun and this little guy kept us entertained as always.
 Just chillin' ya know!
(hi Cruz!)
 Jeff and East are now buddies!
The handsome men.
 The lovely ladies.

Then we went out and had a little impromptu photo shoot! :) We wanted to take a couple photos for my Mom and Dad of the 4 of us...they turned out great - obviously we have the best photographer around. We also got a couple shots of just Jolie and Jeff, Justin and I and then Whit and I. In the canola fields. LOVE.
I'll share them tomorrow! Thank you again Whit. You are the best.

Saturday Dustin came over and was a HUGE help! I can't thank you enough!! They got so much done on the deck it was so awesome to go out there (after my 2 naps! I had some sort of bug Saturday. :( ) and see a real deck!! Thank you Justin and Dustin!!
Cruz LOVES it.
 We had a picnic dinner.
Sunday morning Justin let me sleep in and he took Cruz for a long walk.

 Justin designed the deck and I LOVE how it turned out!!It is going to look even more amazing once we stain it.
 We just need to finish the outer border tonight...
Then do the stairs, stain it and then the glass railings.
Yesterday we spent all day shopping for patio furniture and it was a success!
We both LOVE what we bought. We got a table/umbrella and 6 chair set from Home Depot and a furniture set with a couch, 2 chairs and small table from Lowes. 
They are beautiful! We may be eating Kraft dinner and hot dogs for a while but we will have a fabulous deck! ha ;)
We are so happy with it so far - we have dreamt of this deck for so long and it is finally coming together. I am so proud of Justin and all this designing and building skills. 

PS. Hi Ripken! We miss you and Mom and Dad! See you Friday.

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Jenny Hill said...

It looks fantastic! Good job Justin and helper Alison!!

Mom and Dad said...

Deck looks fabulous...way to go on the design Justin!! Can't wait to see the photos of the 4 of you. AND see you on the weekend.

Jessica said...

The deck is looking AWESOME!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I want that deck. and that picnic. and Cruz (if you're willing to throw him in the mix as well). :) Or maybe Ripken? Soooo cute!

Amber said...

The deck is looking great!! I would love to have one that big on the back of my house...I might just have to get hubby on that. He loves having projects

Leigh said...

It looks great so far! Can't wait to see it all done and the furniture on it...maybe you could invite us over ;) haha.

Hope your finger is better! Did Justin just shake his head at you for doing it? BUT at least you washed the vehicle :)

Holly said...

The design of the deck is awesome. And I'm so happy that you could scronge up enough money for patio furniture. :)

And your brother and JOlie? Ya'll look like models-- seriously!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

The deck is looking amazing! Glad you had such a great weekend, girl!

Rachel and John said...

The Deck looks great so far!!!

Amy Nadeau said...

We had a blast too an dcan't wait to do it again!
PS we'll be over with a bottle of wine to enjoy your deck soon. It looks amazing. Good job Justin.

Pamela said...

oooh, looks good!!

Ashley said...

Oh where do I start with my comments!!

Your photographer is the best! I think you all should road trip down here!! I've got lots of room!! Can't wait to see the pics, but I obvi love what I see now!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the deck! AWesome job! Can't wait to see it finito!! Mike says we will have to come back and see it finished now! I wont argue!

Hope you feel better!!

Kae said...

Happy Deck! love it! it looks great friend.

Megan said...

Love the deck!! Cant wait to see the pictures tomorrow!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

OMG I love your deck too!!! It's huge!!! I can tell there will be some awesome times spent on that deck! Justin sure did a great job and he had some awesome helpers too.

I love your pictures in the Canola field! I drove by some yesterday and decided I need some canola field pictures too!! So beautiful! Whit is so talented!! It does help that she has gorgeous models too!

Café Moka said...

Love your deck!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Girl, that deck was worth the wait!!! It looks wonderful. I love that Justin designed it himself; it really has such a unique vibe to it! I love your suntan picture haha. Enjoy it!!

Whit said...

The deck is awesome. Dustin ALWAYS loves to help build anything and I know he had fun!!
We had a blast on Friday with you guys!! You know I love taking pics, especially when it involves people I love!!

Can't wait to have that backyard party and kick off that deck right!!

Nikki said...

The deck looks AMAZING! Cant wait to see the finish product!

Leslie said...

My husband has done that a couple of times (apparently he doesn't learn) with the pressure washer. It can give you a pretty nasty cut.
The deck is looking fantastic as well!

Janna Renee said...

The deck looks amazing! It looks so professional! I bet you guys are going to have the cutest patio furniture too. I'm envisioning the cutest little "deck warming" bbq complete with christmas lights or tiki torches!