Monsoon Camping is fun.

Hey all. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Ours didn't [exactly go as planned] but was still great.

We packed up and headed out to Fernie with Leigh, Mr. D and Harley.
It was such a beautiful drive.
(We met 2 other couples out there.) While Mr. D and Justin were setting up the tarps (thank god for those), Justin was standing on Mr. D's shoulder, when he finished tying the last rope, he went to grab a branch to steady himself and he came crashing down on the ground from up top Mr. D's shoulders - with the branch. Landed on his back - luckily only scared himself (and Leigh and I) and got a few scratches on his back. Yikes.
We had a great Friday night around the campfire. Until it started raining....and decided not to stop.

My view Saturday morning. yuk.
I knew it was ugly out there as it poured all night and on my midnight outhouse visit - Cruz and I pretty much had a shower.
And it did not just pour, it was a monsoon. We had a couple lakes and a river going through our campsite. Awesome. Even Cruz thought it was too much.
Super fun.
Leigh and Mr.D's lake. :)
Leigh was a happy camper. :) At least she looked cute.
Leigh and Mr. D saved the morning with a Tim's run.
So we packed up and headed home. Insert sad face. The guys were super disappointed they didn't get to ride but it was just plain ugly.
So once home we unpacked our wet and muddy gear and then mainly vegged. We hit up the watering hole for dinner (they changed their menu for summer and I really wanted to order 7 things.)
Then somehow I convinced Justin to take me to the newly opened Menchies in Airdrie. I have complained for months now about not having a frozen yogurt place and now we do! 
{Airdrie is short 20 min drive. :) And SO worth it if you get frozen yogurt at the end!)
This may be an addition to one of my happy places.
Cruz loved it too. :)

Sneak peek of Lily's photo shoot with Whitney Cowan Photography. ;)
Being WCP 'VIP' we got to see others and I am not biased in saying they were perfection.
She did such a good job of capturing "Lily".

Mr. D and Justin headed out for a ride in Bragg Creek since they missed out on Saturday.
Cruz and I cleaned the house, worked out with Bob Harper, organized my shoes (yes this was a valid job), played in the backyard - girl loves that darn pool. I swear she smiles.
Then we had a BBQ at Leigh's place.

Day 1- 3 of Ab Challenge complete. :) Anyone else joining me?
My parents cursed me via text for giving them the push to join me - ha ha. 
I'm SO excited my parents are coming in to town this week. We sure miss them. But we are all heading out to the lake this weekend so I also have this to look forward to.

I will leave you with this. 

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Ashley said...

you must have got the rain that didnt hit here!! Looks like you made the best of the camping trip!!! It can only get better for next time!

Leigh said...

Oh man, that rain SUCKED!! Good thing you weren't up yet or you would have witnessed me crying over it, haha. This just means that we will need to try again to go camping later in the summer! :)

I can't wait to see the rest of Lily's pictures. I bet they turned out great! :)

Katie said...

all that rain!!! that is crazy!!! and you have to set it all up again at home to dry out right? that does not look fun!!! but the frozen yogurt sure does! :)

Jessica said...

Grr, that rain! EW. That picture of Lily is so good :D

Amber said...

that rain looks miserable!!

Caroline said...

That rain is intense. Sorry it put a damper on the weekend. And I am obsessed with this froyo place near us. It's a sick addiction!

Gabriella said...

Sorry your camping trip got ruined by the rain. :( Glad Justin is OK! Lily looks adorable and I would totally drive 20 minutes for froyo! It is my favorite thing!

Leslie said...

WOW! That is a ton of rain. Way too much to stay for sure. I am totally jealous you got to go to Menchie's!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Rain rain go away!! Enough already. Sorry your trip was so wet and muddy. I can totally picture you and Cruz walking through the rain to the bathroom....what a sight! The frozen yogurt place sounds (and looks) deeelish though. You guys always make the most out of things, love. :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ouch to the fall! and cruz hangin out in the back of the truck, praying for the rain to stop (if dogs pray). too cute!

Bethany Scruggs said...

Awh I am so sorry girl!! Lily looks so grown up!!!

Rebekah said...

No fun about the rain! But it sounds like it was a good weekend! I love frozen yogurt!

Kae said...

Boo for the rain, but it still sounds like you made it a good weekend :)
that frozen yogurt looks absolutely delicious!
xxoo loves

Raven said...

ok is it just me? But I LOVE when we are doing something and it gets rained out. I like huddling in the camper or tent and playing games (ahem drinking games) and it just kinda makes it, exciting? maybe it is just me?? ;)

Kristin said...

I would die with that rain lol. I am such a sissy when im cold

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ya'll are TOTAL troopers, I cannot believe that weather rained on your parade!

Ashley said...

"my parents cursed me for pushing them to join me" haha - that is amazing.

WHAT a trooper you are! i have never been any form of camping but this looks like it was an extra crazy trip! but still looks like you managed to have fun with your friends! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow that is a monsoon for sure! we just had a menchies open up near us would you recommend i try it? and what would you recommend i get?

Whit said...

Boo to the rain. Glad you guys all got home safe. Thank goodness for Leigh and Mr. D doing the right thing and bringing Tim's for everyone ;) lol. And you and J are total VIP's. lol. I need to try this froz yogurt with granola and gummy candies?? Huh!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay you found a FY place!! Going to have to check them out ASAP!!