It's ok...


It's ok... that I wish I was at the lake with the rest of the family. ;(

It's ok... to want this outfit for the 1 day of Stampede I may do this year...right Jolie!

It's ok... that I tried both of these hair tutorials this week and my hair ended up down. Fail.
both via

It's ok...
It's ok.... that I have already decided today will be an off day from working out. I may change my mind. But maybe not. Last night I did 2 Of Zuzana's ZWOW's (plus the Ab Challenge) and they were awesome (21 & 22). 
I was a sweaty mess. 

It's ok....that I am tired of the Abs Challenge. 8 more day.

It's ok....that lately I have been loving Bob's workouts more than Jillian's. Don't tell her. 
And after last night I am back on the Zuzana train too.

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I love that quick twist! Super cute!

Whit said...

Oh my goodness I am loving those pictures of Cruz at the lake. lol. Awe.. she lookes a tinsy little bit home sick ;) You are a work out machine! Everyone needs a rest day! xox
Ps. That outfit for Stampede if awesome!!

Ashley said...

Cruz looks like she misses you!! Love the outfit, and the quote ;)

Happy Thursday friend!!

Gabriella said...

Cruz looks like she is just loving life at the lake. I'm sure you miss her tons though. I was just on a work trip, and I could not wait to get home to see Homie!

Mom said...

I just said today that I am getting tired of doing the same Ab exercises everyday. It may be different if they were getting why aren't they?!?!? I like the dicipline of doing them everyday though :)

Kae said...

I have decided that your lake looks like the best lake ever! Cruz girl is sooo sweet!

That outfit is adorable...the stampede how fun!!?!

happy thursday love dove!

Nicholl Vincent said...

Love this!


Have a fabulous day! xo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love that Stampede outfit!! So cute! I heard they are putting in a Target where the closed down Rona is!! Dangerous if that is indeed true!

My hair never turns out anything like those hair tutorials :( I need my own personal hair dresser.

Megan said...

Love that quick twist hairstyle...too bad it didn't work! Sad!!

Leigh said...

LOVE the sign with Cruz. Your parents are awesome :)

Logan said...

Oh Cruz!! Enjoying the lake!!
And uncle Rick that picture sorta looks like retirement!! Lol I hope your feeling better!!!

Kathleen said...

Your pup makes me happy! Nothing better then dogs!! And Biggest Loser Bob is my favorite - love him more then Jillian!

Janna Bogert said...

I need to make a sign like that for Weiser to send to Will! So cute! PS. How do you look so hot/during after working out?!