Fabulous Friday

Well I am so glad you are here Friday. Can I just say how weird it is without Cruz this week...our house seems so much quieter, it would have been cleaner if I would have cleaned, I have all this time in the morning and after work...I didn't like it so much - ha...each day Justin would say "what did you do with my dog?". I know she had a blast though and we are thankful to Mom and Dad for having her. But we miss her so hopefully we can get her home Sunday, she had a ride home but now she doesn't...start walking girlie!

Anyways our weekend...
Tonight we are having dinner with Dustin, Whit and Easton to celebrate Whitney's website and business launch.
Her website is up and running now and it looks amazing. I am so proud and excited for her. She has put so much time, heart, passion, dedication and thought into all of this and it is all paying off.
Whitney Cowan Photography
Check it out!

We are helping our friends Blake and Karen move. 
They helped us out big time in November when we moved (on the coldest of the year!) so we owe them. I am also super excited to see their new place in person.

Pops - We hope you have a great weekend at the lake, we are sorry we are not able to make it this weekend but we will celebrate soon.
Thank for you being such an incredible role model, Dad, person, Grandpa to Cruz and friend. We appreciate you always being there when we need you, your spread sheets, your knowledge and your constant motivation.
We love you.
Happy father's day to all the other Dad's out there to both children and fur babies and those waiting to be a Dad. :) Have a super special day.

Justin and I have always wanted to do the bike ride from Canmore to Banff and then back to Canmore (after stopping in Banff for lunch and ice cream of course)
52km round trip. Wish us luck. And please no rain...
Then hopefully we are having dinner with Justin's Mom at the Watering hole for a belated birthday celebration.

I hope you all have a fabulous, safe and memory filled weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is quite the bike trip! I hope the weather is great for you two and have a safe ride! PS Yes, ice cream is a necessity during that bike ride!

Katie said...

have fun celebrating today!! that is a beautiful pic of you and your dad!!

Leigh said...

Whitney's website looks amazing! She did a great job on it. So excited for her! Enjoy your bike ride! :)

Ashley said...

Love Whit's site!! I really wish we could do photos with her!! Shucks!! She is soo talented!!

How far is Banff from Airdrie? We wanna go! Also which park did Whit do Lily's photos in? it looks nice too!

Love all your pics!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Amanda said...

Amazing! I can't imagine life without Louie now. He's kind of the center of our world? Hopefully he'll be back with his parents soon!!!

Logan said...

Aahhhhh , your title said it all!!! Love the post!!

Laura Darling said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy the bike ride -- hope you have beautiful weather!

Cami said...

I like that bike photo - it's so neat.
It looks like you certainly had some fabulous memories & fabulous times. I love your life ;)

Leslie said...

Good luck on your bike ride!! You deserve ice cream for biking that far!

Janna Bogert said...

Happy Father's day to yours! I sent Will a Father's Day card from Weiser ;) Holy cow that bike ride sounds intense! Have fun!

Tami said...

I am so glad to hear that Whitney's business is going so well. I am not surprised at all because her pictures are just beautiful. She is so talented! Good luck with the bike ride!

Ashley said...

sounds like you had quite the busy weekend!! but a fun one for sure! hope your bike ride was fun and dinner with your friends!

you look absolutely stunning in your wedding pic!

Whit said...

You are a busy busy lady!!! xox