Boxes, Bikes and Best Friends

 We had a great weekend! {Other than missing Cruz - yes Cruzie we miss you. And we are sad we are without you again this week.}
But seeing you enjoying yourself like this makes up for it a little.
This was this morning, she is at the end of the pier chasing all the pelicans that were visiting at 6:00am!
I love Ripken just sitting there like "you will learn one day that you will never catch them... :)

Friday night we had a great dinner with Dustin, Whit and Easton. We sat outside to eat and that is one of my favorite things to do! 
Whitney makes the best ceasar salad, she made the biggest burgers and some yummy home made fries. I also made a yummy drink that you should all try - inspired by a fav - mojitos.
Slice up 1 lemon, half a cucumber and a bunch of mint, put into a jug with water, smash it up a bit...yum. If it's a Friday night - add vodka and ice. We sure enjoyed it. 
We also loved Easton showing us all his new tricks, he is such a ham and one of the happiest kids. Love him.

Saturday we were at Blake and Karen's old house bright and early and got right to packing trucks. Moving is sooooo fun. ;) But they had lots of helping hands which made it actually go pretty quick. We also enjoyed 2 great meals prepared by Blake's sister Amy (who promises to start blogging again [ahem] soon) and got to hangout with his other sister Jenny and her family, some of Karen's family members and the Cowan's again too. When all the work was finally done we sat in the sun on their back deck and enjoyed some cocktails.
And played with this little mover!

 Sunday we had hoped to do our Canmore to Banff ride but from what we saw online, it was not pretty in Canmore and this girl doesn't really like riding the the pouring rain. We were both really disappointed but the ride will be on our to do list!
So we headed out for a ride around us. Hills. That is my one word to describe it.. HILLS. But I did Justin proud and climbed by butt up them and even rode down the rocky steep bits. And only whined a little.
Cruzie made Justin's day by sending this... :) He sure missed her yesterday.
Justin had a productive afternoon of errands, cleaning the Xterra, etc.
I on the other did nothing. Other than my Ab Challenge. I chilled in bed and read and watched So You Think You Can Dance. The move and bike ride took a lot out me - but that's what Sundays are for right!
Then we took Justin's Mom to our watering hole for dinner. Yum. We love that place!!
I wore my new bracelet and earrings from Whit. Love them!!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a great start to you week!!

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Leigh said...

I don't blame you for having a lazy Sunday afternoon after your busy weekend! Let us know when you are planning on doing the ride again....Brian and I are interested :)

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Looks like a busy but fun weekend!

Whit said...

You look gorgeous in that outfit!!! And I love all those pics, especially the one with Cruz and her Father's Day sign!! Melt my heart. Missed you on Friday Cruzie girl!! Lucky Rick and Jayne ;)

Caroline said...

You look like one sexy mamacita! Love Cruz's pic for J. She is adorable!

Mom & Dad said...

We know you are missing Cruzie and she is missing you but rest assured she is LOVING being at the lake instead at home alone!! We are happy and lucky to have her for another week.

Ashley said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend!! I figured you must not have went to canamore if you texted me back! You are such a trooper!! Love all the pics as usual! Looks like Cruz is having a good time and that she misses you guys in the last pic!

Kae said...

love that first picture of cruz girl!
So precious! you look so beautiful and sounds like a great weekend :) xxoo loves!

Katie said...

that friday night dinner sounds delicious. love the fathers day pic. : ) and that is getting close to an outfit post. ; )

Tami said...

I'm sorry to hear that the weather ruined your original bike plans but it sounds like you kicked some butt on the hills. You are awesome girl! I'd be a nervous wreck going down steep hills. But I'm a total wuss. :) The drink recipe sounds pretty delish. Will definitely try it soon!

Kristin said...

ahhhh cruz looks sad with that sign. is he with your parents?

Logan said...

Whoa all that in now weekend!! You guys are amazing!! Easton is soo cute!!! And Cruz with the sign, love it!!