Auntie A & Uncle J

 I had no inspiration for today's post until Whitney sent me the candid shots she took of Easton and I on Monday and then a post came to me.
I am an Auntie and I love it.
I am so thankful for the title of Auntie. And I know Justin feels the same way.
Currently we have 5 special kids that call us (or will when they can talk!) Auntie and Uncle.
We have my cousins 3 kids, Mayela, Avah and Dal, who we love to Skype with and who love to run around the house showing us crafts, their new 'moves' or how they run and dance via the computer screen. And if we are lucky we normally get a couple visits a year with them.
2 years ago this coming August we became a {real} Aunt and Uncle to Emerson.
We are beyond lucky for the time we get to spend with her and love the days when her Mom and Dad go on date nights so we get her all to ourselves.
It is the best feeling to hear her actually say our names now or get big hugs, kisses, high fives or fist pounds.
[And we are equally as lucky to be getting another niece or nephew in December!]
And we have Easton. 
We have been so lucky to spend weekends away and countless evenings with Easton (and his parents!) and since I talk to his Mom on a daily basis I feel like I have been lucky enough to experience him grow from being in Whit's belly to now, weeks away from his 1st birthday.
And here are the shot from Monday.
So adore all these shots.

We love you 5 kids so very very much. And we very thankful to your parents for sharing you with us.
So to say I love being an Aunt is an understatement.
The end.

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Ashley said...

Those kids are all soo lucky to have You and J in thier lives!!

I can't get over how big Easton is now!! Walking already? Sloow down!!

Katie said...

being an aunt is the best! those last set of pictures - beautiful!!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww, I am a unofficial Aunt to my friend's kids and love it!

Amber said...

I love the family shots. So so sweet. I also love that hot pink necklace you're wearing in a few of the pictures.

Holly said...

Beautiful post!! All five of them are adorable! I love the last picture of you-- such a pretty lady!!

Raven said...

you know I love this post! Because I have two younger sisters who are the BEST auntie EVER to my kids. And I totally appreciate how they have a great relationship with them and treat them almost as if they were their own. Aunts rule!

Whit said...

Awe...I love the pictures, it's like memory lane!!
I know I have said this a million times, but we are SO lucky to have such an incredible Auntie/Uncle for East. It's pretty hard to top the two of you! He loves you SOOO much - I know he knows you have been there the WHOLE time.
:) xox

Kae said...

Love love this post!
Omg your photo shoot with whit is adorable and I LOVE your outfit!
xxoo loves

Tami said...

It is obvious that you and Justin are an amazing aunt and uncle! Love the last few candida- you look gorgeous!

krink said...

We are definitely the lucky ones in this relationship Auntie Alison!!! Emerson absolutely adores both you and Uncle Justin... though she loves spending time with the both of you, she is definitely partial to hanging out with her favorite cousin Cruzie!
And we know that this next one will love you guys just as much as Emerson does! What a lucky bunch of kids we have!!!

Logan ( the mom of the 3 kids pictured above!) said...

awe, you guys are the best aunt and uncle ever!! oh hopefully the other aunts and uncles dont read this!! lol, but really on top of being an aunt and uncle you are amazing friends/family! The worlds best shopper! not only do you pickout some great stuff for me, you find all the deals and keep a look out for me for the kids and what they need!! No wonder my kids look so cute 99.9% of the time!!! The only problem is that we live so far away from each other! :( and Avah pretend helicopter just isn't cutting it!! lol Big hugs to you guys!!we miss you tons!

Leigh said...

They are all very lucky to have you and Justin in their lives! :) Love your outfit :)

Krysta said...

This is a really sweet post! Those kids are all so cute! I'm set to be an Aunt come October. I'm excited!

Ashley said...

awww you are the fun aunt everyone wants!! you guys are pros!

Nikki said...

Isn't being an Aunt amazing! I LOVE every minute I spend with my nieces and nephews! Enjoy it! I know you already do!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I agree!! Being an Auntie is the best!! I became an Aunt at 13!!! Can't wait for the birth of my new niece this summer!!

Jessica Lyness said...

Skype, "Keeping the families connected". I don't know where I'd be without it. How sweet are guys for spending so much time with with the kiddos. You look fabulouso btw. rocking that fuschia necklace!