Thursday tid + bits

tid + bits with Crowley Party!

First things first...

See this guy?
4 sleeps!!!
See this girl?
63 sleeps!!!
Make me sooooooo happy!!

So I have a workout DVD review for you.
Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core

Justin being the BEST hubby that he me a combo pack of Bob Harper's DVDs. The man knows the way to my heart - workout DVDs! ha
I have never had a Bob Harper DVD so I was pretty excited.
So yesterday I did both the full 50 minute workout and the 10 minute ab bonus.
Verdict - GREAT!
It was not just your typical core moves. There was cardio, plyometrics, some mat work, lots of twisting, you used weights about half the time (I used 10lbs) and there were some seriously tough moves.
I can definitely feel it in my obliques and legs today.
My only critique is that often 2 of the "other participants" in the video were doing the moves very differently (not just a modified version) but their form was very off - so it was hard to know which was the correct way. So it would have been good if Bob corrected one of them...when Bob was actually doing the moves I would just follow him.
Now I am rambling. Typical.
Anyways - Overall I definitely recommend this DVD.
Tough. I was sweaty. Bob is awesome. Thanks babe!

Other tid bits...

~ Work has been SUPER busy with Open Houses and tours but it has been great. I have met SO many amazing families.
~ Is it weird that I am excited we got our lawn mower back from the shop!?
~ I'm still super duper excited about Whitney Cowan Photography (see left side bar if you missed it). I am enjoying my new position as her "agent". It's a tough job but I am pretty much the perfect person for it. ;) I do hard jobs like "high fiving" her business cards choices, stating the obvious by telling her she is awesome ten times a day, giving my opinion on blog/website designs... it's tough. Just kidding - I LOVE it. I am so looking forward to our sun set date WCP! 

The End. :)

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad works going great for you! And yay for your thoughtful hubby and 4 sleep til your bro! :D

Leigh said...

Did Justin download that workout or buy it for you? I'll have to get Brian to look for me :) I love that you are supporting Whitney so much! She really is fabulous!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I love Bob Harper! Thanks for the review - I'll have to check this one out:)

Ashley Marie said...

I love Bob Harper on Biggest Loser!! your video review has me very intrigued!

We have been SO busy at work the past couple months; i want to blog but honestly my life is consumed by work and I check out when I get home and just veg - no thinking allowed lol!

Happy almost Friday Friend!

Alyx said...

I may be dumb for asking, but what are sleeps?! And that's exciting about the workout dvds... I've never done any by bob harper, I'll have to check it out!

Katie said...

i have one bob harper video and I think it's called inside out. it's an hour long and SO hard, I've only done it a few times but should do it more. I should check out that one!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

glad to know the bob harper dvd is good!! thanks for the review!

Al said...

First of all, I smile whenever you count down anything in "sleeps". It's one of my favorite things about you :)

Second of all, the fact that you work out in GENERAL, let alone to workout dvds makes you my hero. Ever since Jillian kicked my ass lo those many years ago, I have been gun shy about working out...I consider the lift of the chip from the guacamole bowl to my mouth workout enough!

Ok, I kid, I kid. I love to get good and sweaty...

Eeks. Maybe this was safer when I was talking about guacamole.

Love you, friend. Always!

Dale Janeé said...

I love this post and your life with your hubs looks like such a good time. And what you're drinking looks so delicious!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

We met a couple from Australia in Australia and they talked in "sleeps" ... Love it!!! And bob harper, glad he is supporting CrossFit!!!

Whit said...

LOL. You crack me up. You are most definitely THE BEST agent ever. I'm looking fwd to our sunset date too! Yayyy for Jeff coming home! And nice work BOB and J!! Xox

Desi said...

I didn't realize how many bloggers were in Calgary :). I actually think the weather has been pretty amazing this year, but I did come from Northern Michigan, and the winters there are long and really cold. Are you considering doing the calgary blogger meet-up??

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

aww i love your description of yourselves. looks like you have a lot of fun together :)

found you through tid+bits!