Thursday Randoms...

Hello out there! All I have are randoms for today...

~ I barely survived my workshop yesterday. It was painful to say the least. Why Alberta Education has to change their ways every few months is beyond me. 
BUT there was a positive. They gave us an hour lunch break - what is a girl to do with an hour when you are right near a mall? 
Go to Old Navy and shop that's what. I had been eyeing a pair of shorts from there for a while now online and haven't been to Old Navy in so long. 
Bonus: They were on sale.
There was also this bikini I LOVED. But decided I didn't really need a new one...

~ I am slightly jealous of Justin who is jet setting to Las Vegas tomorrow for a Bachelor Weekend. We have so much fun in Vegas together. But I know he'll still have fun without me - a bit of fun. Not much. ;)
 I know I will have a blast at the lake with my family (including my brother YAY) and like last year Lily is joining us. She is has been counting down the days all week.

~ It snowed this morning.

~ Justin says I cheat a post my adding a bunch of quote but I LOVE quotes. 
It makes my day to find a quote that speaks so me.
So today babe, I am cheating to finish off this post. :)

Have a good one!!

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Kae said...

ohh I am jealous of those shorts! i have a thing for plaid shorts!
and i'm jealous of Justin going to Vegas! ahh! love love vegas!
Love the quotes and hope you have a great time at the lake

Jessica said...

Those shorts are super cute!

Ashley Marie said...

SNOW?!?! in MAY!? YUCK!

Those shorts are SO adorable!! I LOVE them!! =)

Ashley said...

Just bought those shorts in the orange and pink last week - on sale lol.
Say what to snow? Yuck!
Love all the quotes I am going to go pin shopping for a few of them!

thecoffeehouse said...

wait, it snowed?! I'm coming to live wherever you live.
where DO you live?

Amanda said...

ohhhh i love those shorts!! i have the same problem too working about 5 min away from the mall and 1hr lunch breaks! hehe! love the quotes! xo

Amber said...

I can't believe it snowed where you live this morning! It is about 90 degrees here.

Nikki said...

SNOW!?!? I'd die!

I am so done with the snow! Effff that!

Have fun at the lake this weekend! I am thinking about goin to the lake myself.

Ashley said...

it snowed?! does Canada know it's May?! insane!!

aww you should totally plan a fun girls' weekend while Justin is in vegas! I think this calls for nail polish, sushi and lots of rom-coms!

Caroline said...

Love the nothing worth having comes easy quote. So true!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cute shorts! Plaid is totally making a comeback!!

Enjoy the lake! Boo to Justin going to Vegas without you.

Love the last quote and the 4th last quote.

Laura Darling said...

I was just in Old Navy this weekend -- they have some of the cutest summer clothes!!

Janna Bogert said...

Haha he obviously doesn't understand our obsession with Pinterest. Great quotes! I love Vegas, but have never gotten to take Will. Maybe when he gets back!

Amanda said...

Lots of quotes help motivate us though! They aren't just fillers or cheating! Hope your hubby made back safe to you from his Vegas trip :) And you had a good weekend!