Thankful. Grateful. Sometimes. Always.

I have 2 things to share today.  Life is not always pink puffy hearts, rainbows and unicorns - I know this. I try and keep this blog as positive as I can because really, who wants to read about me whining. No one. I leave that for Justin and Whit- you are welcome. :) But life isn't always perfect, sometimes things don't go as you hoped, people don't treat you the way they should, you run out of ice cream, you get a massive rock to the windshield to your new beast...
And that's life. 
So sometimes we need just a little reminder whether it be for our hearts, minds or well being.  Sometimes all three.

I saw this first one over at Ashley's blog Life as I Know It and it jumped out at me so felt the need to share it.


When you’re weary of fixing another meal and doing dishes yet again, somebody wishes they had food to put on the table.

When you’ve folded and put away a(nother) mountain of laundry, somebody wishes their children had proper coats and hats to wear to school.

When you’re groaning over the highest heating bill yet this year, somebody wishes they weren’t so cold.

When you’re losing sleep and gagging over a child’s stomach bug episode, somebody is praying for a miracle over her child’s hospital bed.
When the exhaustion and nausea of the first trimester are about to do you in, somebody is weeping (yet again) over a negative pregnancy test.

When your headache intensifies over your teen’s college financial paperwork, somebody is visiting the site of her teen’s fatal wreck.

When you wake up to another cloudy, rainy day, somebody is praying for moisture to end a season of drought.

When you pick up your husband’s dirty socks and take out the trash because he forgot, somebody is wishing that for just a moment she didn’t have to do it all alone, all the time.

The next time your situation threatens to steal your joy, try to remember… somebody wants what you have.

Be grateful for what you have.

A really good reminder right. 

Then this came from Jenn's blog over at Bliss to Bean
She wrote this herself and I love it.

And Sometimes...
You have to smile because something wonderful is about to happen.
You have to take the good with the bad.
...and sometimes...
You don't always get what you want, when you want it;
but if you want it badly enough, your time will come.
...and sometimes..
People may pleasantly surprise you,
and others may terribly disappoint.
You may just be too hard on yourself,
and deserve more credit than you take.
...and sometimes...
Life takes you down a road less traveled.
You may be scared at first, but it's okay.
The sun will shine,
the rain will fall.
...and sometimes...
You'll question why.
Stay positive and full of hope,
and never fall from grace.
Good things come to those who wait,
it just takes time 
Beautiful Jenn. :)

So no matter what's going on in your life I hope your day is great.
Surround yourself with the people that lift you up and brighten your day.
PS. Tomorrow is Friday. :)

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Jessica said...

Such a great post! We all need a little reminder to look at the bigger picture.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I always love your posts, they make me smile and help me remember to be grateful for those little things we often over look. Happy Thursday, and yes tomorrow is already Friday!

Leigh said...

Great post Alison! :) Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for what we have and to remember that maybe our life isn't as bad as we think it is.

ps- a rock to the new car?! Did you get a chip?

Ashley said...

Great post!! I love Jenn's insight!!!

What happened to the beast? I can't wait to have ice cream in July!!!

Jenny Hill said...

Great post Alison!
Thank you for the reminder to put our complaining in perspective.
It drives me absolutly nuts all the things people complain about - often times never stoping to think about all of what they do have or to take into consideration who they are complaining to.

Dad said...

Beautiful message AJ! I'm missing one of your hugs right now and have to wait 8 days for the next one.

Tickled Pink said...

These are great to read!! thanks for sharing!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

goodness, I didn't know this post would make me cry. wow. what a great post to ponder on. everyone needs to read this kind of post every once in a while. heck, everyone needs to WRITE this kind of post too. love it!

Whit said...

I think this is my most favorite, humbling and wonderful blog post of yours ever!! Love it. Love you to bits for being so grounded!
(ps. I stole half of those quotes - so great!!)

Caroline said...

Love this. Love you! xoxo

Britt said...

Great post! There have been too many times in my life I compare myself to other's material things. It is counterproductive and I should always be grateful. Thank you for the reminder!

Ashley said...

I LOVE this post Alison. Truth in every point made and those pics (especially the first) are awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing my poem! I'm so humbled... I'm just as guilty of times, but it is so true to stay hopeful and optimistic. Life is a funny, yet wonderful thing. Makes me want to hold my hubs extra close tonight...and appreciate the now. Thank you, thank you. xox Hugs dear friend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Hugs! Thanks for this reminder Alison! Too many times I catch myself forgetting about all the wonderful things in my life when I concentrate on the negative. You are a wonderful person and I feel grateful to have someone like you to remind me that even when things are tough, they really aren't that bad :) Thanks for making me a better person!

We struggle in life sometimes but without those hard times we can't appreciate the good things. Even though they suck at the time- it is so worth it in the end.

Seriously said...

You are so so so great. Let me tell you, YOU are often the SUNSHINE that many of us need! You always have the bestest things to say; right at the perfect time. You are a great friend. So glad to have met you and shared our story with you.

And don't you worry...some days are just like that.

Tomorrow will be better.

Love ya babe!!


Janna Bogert said...

I bet you a LOT of people needed this, so you are beautiful (inside and out) for posting it! I love this outlook on life and it always helps me! I hope you are doing ok, love. {{Hugs}}