Recipes Lately & Bob

 Happy Wednesday!
I am in a workshop all day and I am soooooo not looking forward to it.
Oh well.

Last night after dinner Cruz decided a swim was needed.
Then she decided just to lay down and hangout for a while. Silly girl.

I thought today I would share some recipes that I have tried lately or indulged in after Whitney made them and all 5 are DELISH. ;)
Your taste buds with thank me - your thighs not so much. 
But sometimes you've just gotta indulge!

First up - 
This recipe is delicious. I've made it twice and it was a hit both times. 
The dip is great too. (I omitted the mayo).

Whit made these Saturday night and they were super yummy. 
Good amount of fire.
She also made these because her and Justin both love marshmellows!
They were incredibly good and even better the next day. 
Because we really needed to take some home Whit!

These I made to take over for dessert to Leigh & Mr. D.
They were pretty decadent.

I also made these a while back to take to Leigh & Mr.D's and these were voted BETTER than the above. mmmm.
(PS. Vanilla ice cream is needed with both above brownies)

And since we need to work all that off... I have Bob for you.
This is another DVD Justin got me and this is what Bob says he does himself in the gym.
I did the 1st workout from this DVD last night and the 2nd workout a couple days back.
[note: I never do level one or the 1st workout first when I try a new DVD- wierdo]
Anyways - The 1st was 30 minutes long and you go non-stop, it's go go go.
He uses a Kettlebell, dumb-bells and a weight bench (you could use a chair).
 It was tough but really good and went by really fast.
The 2nd was also 30 minutes and it was good too, I liked the first better though. For this one you need dumb-bells, a kettlebell, jump rope and a tall weight bench.
Overall I really liked this DVD, a good mix of cardio and tough strength moves. I really enjoy Bob too, he was super motivating and upbeat. And if you want longer workout you can do both 1 and 2 or if you need it tougher just up your weights!

Lastly remember:

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Leslie said...

I love potato chip crusted chicken, I bet with the jalapeno chips that IS amazing!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Thanks for making me crazy chocolate and anything brownie related at 8am ;) haha. All the recipes looks delicious! I am scared to try any of the desserts, I'd eat them all to myself!

Ashley said...

Yum to all of those recipes! Especially the Rolo Brownies!!!

Leigh said...

Damn you....I am dreaming about those brownies again now! I agree, the first one you made was better. The potato chip crusted chicken sounds good...might have to give it a try!

Leslie said...

I think all of those recipes look good! I may have to try them all :)
I was on a course all day yesterday and it was painful.

Hannah said...

Those desserts look divine... and sinful!! I have such a sweet tooth!!

Gabriella said...

Cruz in that pool is too funny and cute! I might have to give those recipes a try! YUM!!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I pinned that jalapeno crusted chicken recipe forever ago and have been waiting to try it!! I'm glad to hear it was a hit in your house!

Jessica said...

OMG you're making me hungry!!

Katie said...

those recipes look awesome! i've pinned those buffalo chicken rolls and smore brownies but haven't made them yet!! I need to!

Amanda said...

I always do the second workout first too! We're the same? I think so. And I'm drooling over all those desserts. I think I'm going to need to do some baking tonight, just because :)

Ashley said...

i dont really cook (although i'm getting better) and think one of those sweets might be in order.....although i will have to fourth the recipe....and then fourth it again.....because i have no self control!

awww silly cruz!!

Leah said...

All those sweets look absolutely amazing!

Kristin said...

Cruz is hilarious!!

thecoffeehouse said...

oh Cruz. too cute! my lab does the same thing. we just recently got a baby pool for him and he is in love.

Lindsay said...

all of those recipes look fabulous! and our labs loooove love love their baby pool! ha!

Michelle said...

I just bought a bag of these Jalapeno Kettle Chips! Def going to try that recipe. Thanks for sharing Alison - these look so yummy and I always want to try recipes that are tried and true by others!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those brownie recipes look to die for! Might have to try them out!!

Janna Bogert said...

That kettle corn jalapeno chicken looks AMAZING!