"Pick your life, don't let it pick you"

(Whit sent me this quote [which I love] and I added it to a photo of the lake)

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I came home Friday afternoon to a not so happy hubby..he was trying to be so nice and fix the toilet (that I may complain a lot about cause it doesn't flush well) and it cracked while he was working on it. oups. So we had to go pick out a new toilet. Then he enlisted Blake to come help him! So Karen also came over a bit of a visit while the guys istalled it cause the toilet was kinda being a jerk and as "handy" as I am, I wasn't cutting it! 
This is our lovely new dual flush porcelain goddess.
Saturday we spent some time at Rona as the one in our neighborhood is closing so everything is on sale so we got a bunch of stuff for building the deck.
We then went and saw this. Funny, cheesy, sad and overall pretty good.
Justin fixed the other deliquent toilet, worked on his bike and I tinkered on house project, cleaned and decided on this spot for my wine cork ampersand that I finished. :)
We then watched The Grey which was good except I fell asleep. :( My body thought it was cool to wake me up very rudely at 4:30am Saturday morning so I was sleepy. (But - We were the second people at Starbucks! Win.)
My Grampa made this for Justin's birthday.
So thoughtful, bike and all. Thank you Grampa and Chris!
Sunday I went to watch the ballet recital for the kids my MIL Debbie teaches with Crystal, Troy and Emerson. It was great, she always does an amazing job with costumes!
Then Emerson came home with me to spend the day with us.
We had a blast. I LOVE how she says my name now, so cute. She points to me and says "Asin", then to Cruz and says "Dooz" over and over. :) 
We read before her (and Uncle Justin's) nap.
Tickles from Uncle Justin.
 My brother came over and the 4 of us (+ Cruz) played outside after her nap.
 A little flying.
She LOVES this and asks for up and helps Justin count to 3.
Jeff caught this picture at the perfect time.
 We read in the sun.
 And chilled out after dinner.
And then a little dress up in Uncle Justin's hat. 
 We love this girl so much. xo
Happy Monday!!

(Photo by Whitney Cowan Photography of myself, I added this quote. Love.)

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Rachel and John said...

Sounds like a very lovely weekend!!

Logan said...

Great pictures of Emerson in the air!!!

Katie said...

she is do cute!! and i want to see that movie!!

Ashley said...

Love all the pictures!! And the quotes!!

krink said...


Leslie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I was wondering what that movie was like. I may wait for it to come out on rental

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sucks about the toilet but your new one is so pretty!!

I want to see that movie! Must find the time!

The ampersand turned out so well!! Great project!

I am in love with Emerson's little pigtails! I can't wait until I can do that with Audrey's hair!! And that picture of Justin tossing her in the air is awesome!!

Kae said...

Sounds like a great weekend except for the toilet thing... boo! Glad you had time with Emerson :)

Leigh said...

Haha I can just hear Justin swearing and yelling at the toilet. Glad it all worked out though :) Love the picture of Justin tossing Emerson in the air...such a great shot!

Nikki said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I love the pictures that you added quotes to so cute. Dual flush huh? Sounds fancy.

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great weekend, despite the toilet issues. Toilets aren't exactly the most exciting purchase to make.. but I love that you called it a goddess. haha!

Whit said...

What a great weekend AJ!!
Ok Rona and Dustin/I need a date, cause there's nothing better than a closing out sale at a hardware store for this couple ;) lol. (nerdy I know)
I love the pics of Emerson, you are THE BEST Auntie. East is SUPER lucky :) and Emerson too.

And the quotes on the pics are beautiful. Love this post. xox

Jessica said...

I really want to see What to Expect!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like the best kind of weekend!! Love the picture of
You and her reading!!