May Long in Instagram!

 Friday I was able to go over to our "new" school.
It is so cool and old! I love it, it has so much character and history.
They are busy knocking down walls and creating our classrooms so it was nice to have some input into my office. :)
Makes me so excited for September.

We had a really great weekend. 
Felt like summer and I needed some summer in my life! 
 Friday night we just hung out and went through all of Jeff's Europe photos. He saw some amazing places - gave me the travel bug for sure.
Lily and Cruz cuddling...
 Then she moved up with the rest of the fam!
Lily and Cruz thought it would be fun to get up really early Saturday morning so this called for some on the bed cuddles. :)
This girl loves the lake as much as me!
The entire car ride she talked about going in the water. 
She soon learned it was freezing still! The ice has only been off a couple weeks!
So Saturday we bundled her up so she could play!
She found some dirt and had a blast!
(the dirt is thanks to Mother Nature - the ice did a real number on our beach :( Mom and Dad have been very busy fixing it. A huge job.)
Even Jeff got in on the fun!
Our new platform!!
My view from my elliptical workout...lovely.
After my workout I showered and left Lily and Cruz in the bedroom...when I came back I found Lily here:
And Cruz here...realllly.
Before dinner, Dad put her to work!

We had a Red Solo Cup Party Saturday night and it was a hit.
We showed the slide show of Dad's mustache over the years that his boss put together! :) So funny.
These solo cups are genius - you use your nail to scratch your name on them!
The bar all ready to go!

The cabin has never been so packed with people! It was great to visit with our Seba family and friends. 
The inspiration:

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL. I'm talking bathing suit weather! YAY.
Lily and I went mini-golfing. I started to keep score but when her first hole was 14 I decided against it. :)
Gotta have ice cream after mini golf - it's a rule. Especially if the sign says they have mint chocolate chip!
Then it was time for the boat!!
Mom, Lily & Dad.
Happy girl.
Crazy girl.

Sunday Lily played in the water again, I just hung out in the sun and then Mom, Dad and I did the Carrie Underwood card workout.

Then we hit the road for home and Mom and Dad were off to Vegas!
 I drove home as Jeff was one tired boy.
BUT he got brownie points as he let me listen to Taylor Swift ALL the way.
FACT: Taylor has enough songs to get me all the way from Tomahawk to Calgary...+ some.
Thank you Taylor - and Jeff!!

And Justin...he spent the weekend staying up far too late, spending big bucks, having a blast, shootin some guns, hanging out pool side, hitting the club...and these are the only photos he took.
And I'm a little sleepy today from picking the above boy up from the airport at 1am. 
But it was so good to see him. :) 
The End. Happy Tuesday!!

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Caroline said...

Love all of the pics. And I'm glad Lily finally got in the water. Although I'm sure it was ice cold!

Katie said...

so many fun things in one weekend!! I am so ready for summer!! 2 more weeks of school to go! that is exciting about your new school too!

Jes said...

um, SO many great pictures! hunter boots? puppies? ice cream?? i'll take it all.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Looks like a blast, what is your username for Instagram? I need to follow you!

Natalie said...

Looks like a busy month!! I love those solo cups too :)
So what exactly is your job? Are you a director or something? The new building will be awesome!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a fabulous and busy weekend! That Lily is crazy for going in the water! I am guessing it wasn't warm at all. Was it awesome to finally spend time with your brother again?

Kae said...

Oh that weekend sounds absolutely great! Ah everyone is going to Vegas. That's it. You and I lets go! haha! Love the pics and Lily is sooo brave..I know that I don't go into the lake tell at least mid June if I am lucky! Love the pics, so glad it was a great weekend! xxoo

Megan said...

Ahh I love all these pictures!! Find me on Instagram!! MegantheMomma!!

Laura Darling said...

Looks like you had such a great weekend! And the weather was gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!! I can't believe the ice just came off, our lake was 64F this weeekend! CRazy!!! We had great weather too!! Love all the pictures!!!

Janna Bogert said...

Wow that lake is breathtaking! I wish I lived ANYWHERE near the water. The mustache video sounds hilarious. Haha.

Whit said...

You take INCREDIBLE photos with that iPhone of yours!! I especially love the ones of Lil on the beach and in the water and the two of you!! What a great weekend!!

Nikki said...

That lake looks amazing! I love going to the lake and relaxing! Looks like Lil had a great time as well as Cruz! Those solo cups are genius! Where did you find them?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

looks like another amazing weekend at the lake! I love how dedicated to working out you are even when on vacation!!