Well if the rain would stop I would LOVE that! But I think we have couple days yet...
On to some loves...

I love that Justin surprised me with a lunch date yesterday. 
He was at a conference right by the school!

{oh Mexico how we miss you...}

I love looking back and remembering some of our very first or GREAT dates.
(I knew he was a keeper when he came to a Wiggles concert with me and one of kids I used to work with)

I love photobooks. We have an engagement one, a wedding one, a Cruz one and a "Memories of us" one...what next!?
 I also just made one for Crystal and Troy of Emerson. 
It turned out super cute - well the content was easy to work with. :)
Here's a peak:

(they call themselves the tripod)

(these were take with my iphone so the quality is not nearly as good as the books actually are..)

I love this sweet girl. 
She keeps us laughing, vacuuming, walking in the rain and kisses away our tears. 
Lucky girl - Justin just bought this mat so she doesn't slip around in the back.

Love these:

And I am loving all your readers. :) 
Thanks for coming back each day to my itty bitty piece of the world wide web and for all your sweet comments. :)
Have a good one.

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Ashley said...

Do you keep getting deals on the books? I just bought a deal but havent used it yet! I cant wait!! Seems pretty simple!

Love all of those quotes as usual!! We must have swapped weather, because it is sunny here and warm now!

Rachel and John said...

Where do you order your photobooks from? I made one of my pregnancy with Henry and i'd like to make one of his first year.

Leslie said...

The photobooks look great! I keep meaning to do one and haven't gotten around to it yet.

I love surprise date lunches!

Kae said...

Aww! Justin is such a good guy! Love the pics of you guys! So cute!
Love those quotes!

Jessica said...

I love the photobooks!!! I need one of Noah!

Gabriella said...

Photobooks are my favorite! I need to catch up on making more. You are Justin are adorable! :)

Leigh said...

I started working on a photobook, but it was time consuming and hard! What site do you use to make yours? That's fun that Justin surprised you for a lunch date :)

Cami said...

I love that your posts always have so many photos :)
Photobooks are the best <3

Amber said...

I want to get a photobook of our wedding so bad! Buuut I didn't like the $1400 price tag that came along with it from my photographer. Any suggestions??

Courtney B said...

Lunch dates during the week are the BEST! And I love me some rainy days, but only when it's warm outside. Cold, rainy days are a different story.

krink said...

Awww... McAnthony!!! He was adorable!
I LOVE all of your loves too! Especially our tripod book! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Whit said...

Hahahaha, J went to a Wiggles concert! Thats awesome! I love this post!
What a beautiful photo book - lucky C, T and E!!
And your quotes are inspirational as always!
Ps. Our Dogs are irreplaceable!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the photo books! Such a great idea!! I really need to do that for our trip to Europe and one of Audrey. Jarrett made an album in iPhoto of Audrey's story so it should be easy to make right into a book!!

You are such a great Aunt/SIL!! And that was super sweet of Justin to surprise you with lunch!

Kelsey said...

Ok you and your husband are adorable!

Al said...

Oh my love, you look so YOUNG in that picture at the concert! Just as gorgeous though..

And lord are those quotes true - knowing who you can depend on, especially. That has made all the difference in my world. And you, friend, are one I can always depend on. xoxo

Ps. I love how as I read your posts, I could potentially comment on Every. single. thing. That's how I know our wine and guac night is going to be uber special :)

Arielle said...

cute blog! new folower! :)

Tennille said...

LOVE all of these quotes. I am a total quote junkie :)

Murdock's mama said...

Awesome job on the photobook...I LOVE the cover!!