Today I am linking up for Currently with Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect....

current book

current playlist
I'm loving the song "Springsteen" by Eric Church.

current color
I'm loving BRIGHT anything. And I'm obsessed statement necklaces.
current food
Love greek yogurt with Chris's home-made granola. 
current favorite show
Seems like all our shows are winding down for summer but we started watching The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

current needs
Summer to stick around  - rain rain go away.

current celebrity crush
So maybe Nella isn't exactly a celebrity but her photos just make me smile.

current banes of my existence
what else is new, my face.

See description here. Kinda cool.

current outfit
I was feeling casual today.

current indulgence
 Left over DQ Ice Cream cake from Justin's birthday. So yum.

current excitement
Spending Sunday with this cute face. Can't wait!!
What happened to baby Emerson? Such a big girl now. 

current mood

current favorite quote

current wishlist item
Our deck
We watch far too many episodes of Deck Wars and those decks are outta control!
We need a few extra weekends to get our deck started and built.

current favorite product
It now has SPF in it! Love.
Happy Thursday!!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love your outfit today! I wanted to wear jeans and thought about it since my Boss is away but decided to be good ;)
Such a great quote, I need to remind myself of that and that deck is gorgeous!

Ashley said...

uh oh not the 50 shades controversy lol - joking
I am loving that yogurt too, I have the cherry in my fridge now!
What is the client list about and how far behind would i be?

Jennifer said...

I think I can just about love everything on your list! Your outfit is so cute and I would absolutely recreate it!

I'm obsessed with statement necklaces too and can't get enough of them
I haven't watched The Client List but I think I may need to check it out

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for linking up!

Jennifer said...

Are you on Twitter or Instagram?

Jessica said...

I just started Fifty Shades of Grey!!

Caroline said...

Does J like the Client List? I've been wanting to watch it.

Amanda said...

Nella's smile is too cute! I'm sorry that your bane of your existence is currently your face :( And I've been using that self tanner too! Definitely helping my pale skin be not so pale anymore.

Rebekah said...

I've never been a big jewelry person but I'm loving the big statement necklaces! Nella is just too cute, I love her pictures. That face thing is pretty interesting. AND, I love that quote!

dreaming en francais said...

I love bright statement necklaces, too!! Also I think I'm the only one on the planet who has not been reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Am I missing something? xo

Leigh said...

How are you liking the book so far? I should give you the name of the acne cream that I got from my doctor. Has been working really well for me so far!

krink said...

I wanna come over for some DQ cake!!!

Michelle said...

Umm, I LOVE the deck, I ADORE Nella, and believe it or not, but I put on my FB status that my favorite song right now is Springstein--- crazy!!!! Quit stocking me...hahaha! j/k! we are twins!

Amber said...

I am currently reading that book too and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN!!! I am hooked on this series. Those statement necklaces are so pretty and I am swooning over that deck!

Tami said...

Oh girl I feel you on the face! My skin has been out of control this last week! I seriously look like a pre-teen going through puberty! I'm loving all of those necklaces you posted. I want to get a few because they can really change a whole outfit!

Janna Bogert said...

My face is going crazy today! Usually I cover my face in Clean and Clear Persagel, but that's not even working today! That picture of Emerson just made me crack up! Too cute!

Ashley said...

girl i am SO with you on the neon! I am loving it this year!! and i eat that same oikos yogurt eeeer single day! i love it!

justsoyouknow said...

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

love bright necklaces too! Add a great touch to an outfit!

Emerson looks so grown up- is that a littke backpack?? Cute!!!

Nella is a doll- love her little outfit there.

Let us know if you need deck building help! J loves that kinda thing and I'm an excellent supervisor! Hahaha

Im allergic to that Jergens stuff- actually most self tanners. It sucks since I don't want to be in the sun too much but I love a glow!

Christina said...

I love all the neon colors lately. I’m just so bummed they don’t look great with my pale skin. All of those necklaces are great! How is The Client List? I watched the movie and was curious how they’d turn it into a show since we all know how it ends. Haha. I’ve never heard of Deck Wars, but my husband would love it!

Stopping by from the linkup! :)