BodyCombat 51

So I have a little story for you today... so sit back - grab a coffee and have a read.
Nikki over at My Life My Way and I have followed each others blog pretty much since the beginning, she took a little blog break but is now back in action!
When I posted a while back about wanting to try Les Mills Pump I learned that she now teaches Les Mills BodyCombat 51! 
Now for the's short but amazing.
This was Nikki a few years back - she weighed 280 pounds.
Then she decided to make a change. And that she did.
Look at her now! 130 pounds lighter!

Amazing right!!! 
She did not have surgery she simply (ha ha) worked her butt off!!
She started by walking laps in the mall, started eating better, cut out junk food and now is a runner, a TRX fan, a weight lifter, a hiker and teaches TOUGH fitness classes.

 I am writing this first to tell you guys how awesome she is and 2 to thank her because she was so sweet and sent me a Les Mills BodyCombat 51 DVD!!
Seriously thoughtful. :) And really, I know she just wanted me to see how tough it really is and to kick my butt! ;)
Well, I did the 55 minute workout last night and it was awesome! I really loved it.
 It has 10 tracks of pumped up music that really motivates you and keeps you going. {My favorite track was probably the Disturbed song "Another way to die" and Justin knows I hate his angry music - but it was perfect for this workout!} It's a lot of cardio, kick boxing, mixed martial arts moves, muay thai/tae kwon do inspiration and then track 9 is abs. You do not stop moving! I think it would be super fun to teach!
This morning I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and back.

Thanks again Nikki for the killer workout and inspiration. 

Check out her Weight Loss Story here. She also talks about her healthy lifestyle here.
She truly is an inspiration to all and has such a great attitude. Just goes to show anyone can make a change in their life (big or small) if they want to and it doesn't take a fancy gym, the Biggest Loser or big bucks. Just a strong desire to achieve the life you want and A LOT of work!!

Now with that said - everyone enjoy your weekend.
Good luck on your half Leigh. You are gonna kick butt!!

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Leigh said...

She has such an amazing story! I think a lot of people forget that with some hard word, exercise and eating right, you can lose weight. There is NO need for silly gimmicks or surgeries. Will have to check out her blog! Thanks....I am starting to feel nervous!

Nikki said...

Ahhhh! Alison I am so glad you liked the workout! I just got BC52 in the mail the other day and I can not wait to start to learn the new chorey! I also loved Another Way To Die thats a intese track! Another fav is Where Them Girls At. It is a fun class to teach however I am EXHAUSTED by the end of it from all the talking and keeping the energy up because I have to motivate my class as they are getting tired from track 5-10. Crazy fun!

Thanks for the shout out girl! Again glad you enjoyed it!

Pamela said...

Love this!! I have neveer heard of this work out!! Sounds awesome! I do Zumba (no where near as much as I should)& love the style. This seems awesome, fun, & intense! I need something to kick my butt!

Page Twenty-Two said...

WOW! Good for you, Nikki! Great post - so inspiring:) That work out sounds tough and exhausting!! Yikes!

Jessica said...

So motivating! Go Nikki!

Katie said...

that is awesome!! and so impressive. I want to try that video!!

Justin said...

Pretty amazing accomplishment. Great song babe! Song is in our collection.


Kae said...

Omg that is such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing love dove!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

OMG get it nikki!! that is incredible, she doesnt even look like the same person!!!! how inspiring!!

im having a fun accessories giveaway on my blog, check it out if you haven't already!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow that's awesome!! Very inspirational!