Birthday, Weekend, Sunshine = Heart Happy...

 Before I get into this weekend there is a VERY important topic we need to cover...
Justin's BIRTHDAY is today!!
Cruz and I will forever be thankful for May 14th when this man came into this world. 
We believe he was put on this earth just for us - and we are two VERY lucky girls.

We hope you have an extra special day Justin and an unforgettable year ahead.
Amazing things are a coming! You just wait.
Thank you for being an amazing husband to me and Dad to Cruz.
We cannot tell you enough how much you mean to us, how appreciative we are for all your do and for your love, strength and constant support.
We are excited for a low key couch night full of pizza, Bud Light Lime Mojitos (have you guys tried this - crazy good - this is coming from a non-beer drinker!), pistachio cake and bachelorette. You lucky lucky man. :)
We love you! Happy Birthday from your 2 favorite girls. XOXO
Alright - onto the weekend.

This weekend was fantastic.
The weather was perfection!!

Friday night I had our big school Fundraiser which turned out really great. Lots of work but worth it for sure. We had manis and pedis, great vendor tables = shopping, candy bar, chocolate fountains, tapas bar, Indian head massages, Angel readers, wine, a photographer, stampin' up card making table, etc.
{I had an interesting/amazing experience with the Angel reader. Has anyone tried this?She "read my cards" and "my aura". I wouldn't say I am a skeptic for this stuff but I am not really "into it" but I was pretty amazed at the information she gave me and how much she picked up on about what's going on in my life and those in it without me saying a word. It was almost scary! Gave me goose bumps.}

Saturday we did this. It was rough. 
 "Guys look at the pretty polka dots I put on the lawn!!! You like? ;)"

Then Saturday night we went to Dustin and Whitney's for Appetizer night with Blake and Karen. We had fun playing with Easton and then sitting outside on the deck eating and chatting with our best friends. Cruz and Titus had a blast playing too, they are too cute.

Sunday after our family walk, Cruz and I went for a run and then did this.
It was also rough again. ;)
I filled her pool and she was one happy dog.
This is her staring at me waiting for me to throw the ball over and over.
Justin spent the day riding in Canmore with Mr. D.
Leigh made me an awesome bracelet (the one with the gold beads). Love it, thanks again Leigh.
Then we headed to Crystal, Troy and Emerson's for birthday/Mother's Day dinner.
 Emerson was having too much fun with Uncle Justin at the dinner table!!
 So cute! :)
They made us cute cards with Emerson scribbles - loved them.
We read a couple books before bed too. Love this girl.

Then Justin and I watched the Survivor Finale. 
We were happy with the outcome. 

That's it, the end, great weekend. :)

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Leigh said...

First things first....Justin has platinum blonde tips?! Trying not to laugh too hard over her :) Now, happy birthday to Justin!

Your weekend looked like my day yesterday too....right down to the patchy lawm. Good thing I love my dog! Glad you liked the bracelet :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy BDay to your hubby! Chad's is in 10 days, last year in his 20's I like to bug him about it.
LOVED the weather this weekend too! Spent lots of time outside in the sunshine :)

Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN! I love how appreciative you are :) And as for your weekend, it sounds wonderful! Happy Monday!

Pamela said...

Happy birthday!! Looks like you had a nice weekend :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Happy birthday Jus!!! :D

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Justin! Sounds like you had a good weekend! Looks like everyone had great weather this weekend! It was in the 80s by me!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, J!! I love Cruz in the kiddie pool. There's no way Knox would dare get in. He hates water. And I'm so glad your snow finally cleared. Ha!

Jen said...

What a great weekend it sounds like! Happy Birthday to your Hubby! Bud Light Lime Mojitos? Yum. I must try some! I hope you have a wondeful Monday spending time with your husband for his birthday!!

Rachel and John said...

Happy Birthday to Justin! Glad you enjoyed our summery weekdend! I did too and I hope this is our weather from now on!!

Logan and Family!! said...

Happy Happy Birthday Justin!!! Big Hugs us from us!!! I want a mojito!!!! Please save me one, yummy...........

Cruz you in the pool, you are too funny!!! Your such a Lab!!!

Cami said...

Happy happy happy birthday to Justin!! Hope he has a lovely day :)

And it definitely sounds like you had a SUPER fun weekend :) YAY!!

Bethany Scruggs said...

Cruz is the cutest thing ever!!! I loveeee the picture of him and Cruz.. so presh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!

Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend!! happy birthday justin!

Whit said...

Yay for great weekends! Definitely beautiful weather!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy birthday Justin!!

Crazy how much card readers can pick up on!!

It was such a gorgeous weekend- didn't want it to end! I love all the relaxing and reading you did!!

Leigh did a great job on the bracelet!! I love your dress too!!

Ashley said...

I hope that is wine in that tumbler!!! I would like to hear more about this angel reading!!! Glad you had a great weekend!! You can tell Cruz that Lily and Grace are jealous of her getting to have her pool out already!!

Kae said...

Happy Happy Birthday Justin!!!
(Super is Scott's birthday too)
Wow, that is crazy about your fundraiser!!! That stuff I never believe but sometimes catches me off guard!
I read some this weekend too!!!
Hope it was great and a great day with Justin!
ps. I have tried those bud-light limearita's! sooooo GOOD

Ashley said...

happy birthday to your man! looks like a ROUGH weekend!! Glad you survived ;)

Seriously said...

First of all, tell that hubby that we wish him a very happy birthday!!! Hope you guys had a fabulous night and thanks for reminding me to tune into Emily!!! GASP...I nearly forgot.

Secondly, I just peed my pants at the 'polka dots' on your lawn!!! Ahhhh Cruzie, such a designer you are!!! You should see ours...we've given up at this point! Ha!!!


Hannah said...

lovely photos, sounds like you had a brilliant weekend!


Janna Bogert said...

I saw those bracelets on Pinterest! Super cute. Happy Belated Birthday to the hubs!