Thursday Randoms

Well hello there Thursday. 
I am ready for you to be over and your friend Friday take over.
Any one else with me?

Yesterday I had my hair cut and highlighted and it feels so much better. Lily came with me and played with my hair dressers daughter and they had a riot! It was so funny listening to them play and giggle - such girls.
We had an exciting dinner of pizza and the dinner conversation consisted of Lily discussing with us what it would be like to drink Justin's bottle of Franks Hot Sauce. Yes we talked about this for 15 minutes. :)

Anyways I'm rambling cause I don't have much to report today. I'm sleepy. My body decided it would be cool to get up at 4am. Not so cool now. 

OK. Today I am happy to announce the winner of my latest giveaway...and the winner of the Brooke Burke DVD is:
Lucky #6 
that said this:

I can honestly and embarassingly admit that the only work out video I own is Richard Simmons... yes it is true! But - you lose extra calories laughing!! Right? Soooo clearly I should win because I obviously need a new one!!!

Ashley from Life As I Know It!


Thank you everyone who entered and for your DVD ideas - I have a list of new ones to try so thanks again!!

And I think that's all this little brain can muster up for today. So have a good one everyone and I will leave you with this...

PS. Pops - 2 days!!

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Jessica said...

Yay Ashley!

Whit said...

Still mad I missed this AWESOME giveaway! Ashley's gonna LOVE this DVD! much better than Richard, sorry Simmon's ;)

Ashley Marie said...

picture of the hair please!
I really want to get my hair done but right now is not a good time - especially getting into summer; my hair gets lighter when I am outside a lot =)

Ashley said...

Yay! This will be a big much needed upgrade!! Haha! Those quotes made my day too!! Thanks soo much!

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tami said...

Ahhh- there is nothing better than getting your haircut and highlighted! I need a trim so badly but I'm always worried about taking Emerson with me. Maybe I can get someone at the salon to entertain her! :)

Leigh said...

I still really need to call her and make an appointment! And congratulations to Ashley for winning :)

Kristin said...

Highlights and a cut makes my day!! just went today too!

Janna Bogert said...

I am right there with ya about it being time for FRIDAY. This has seemed like such a long week! Congrats to Ashley and her puppies are cute!

Gabriella said...

I need a hair cut SOOOOOOO bad! Is it sad that I don't even have time to pamper myself? :/
Happy that you got a fresh cut and that you guys had fun with Lily! Love those quotes!