That time Friday couldn't get here fast enough!

Happy Friday! :) 

I'm glad the weekend is here, it's been a long week for whatever reason!  

After our walk yesterday afternoon Cruz relished in the last bit of snow she could find.
We are supposed to get beautiful weather this weekend so hopefully by Monday all the snow will be gone. We can't wait to get working on the yard.
So cute. 

Last night Justin was heading out for wings & beer with the boys and I needed a project.
Here's a sneak peek. Can't wait to get my mantle all decorated!

Then - I ran out of corks! Well, red wine corks that is. 
SO. I need all of you to drink a bottle of red wine with a cork and send it to me. OK thanks.
We have Blake and Karen coming over tonight so I am going to force feed them red wine. :)

 Now on to some serious cuteness. Dal got his first hair cut.
Adorable. I miss Logan's 3 kids like nobody's business!

This weekend we don't have much planned so we'll see what we get up to. 

Justin sent this video to me. This dog is amazing. I don't know how they taught him to do this...but I think Justin has a new summer project! ha. 
Good luck babe. 
Cruz does hop like a bunny but not sure she could pull this off.


Have a great weekend everyone. 
PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway for Brooke Burke's DVD!
PPS. Jolie!!! 1. 1 sleep! 1 more sleep and then Jeff will be with you! :) Hip hip hooray!

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Al said...

I have officially given myself the Dog Auntie from Afar title :) That dog makes me smile EACH and every time I see her!

Cheers to a relaxing weekend, and I cannot wait to see your project completed!

Love to you, friend!!

Leigh said...

Haha Cruz is hilarious with her love of snow. Your project looks great so far....what did you use for the back and shape of it?

Katie said...

it is definitely time for snow to be gone!! and I can't wait to see your new project! I've wanted to do a project with wine corks but don't have enough. Besides drinking tons of wine is there a way to get/buy corks??? Have a great weekend!!

Amanda said...

I love the pictures of Cruz on the snow. I can't wait to see what you created with all those wine corks. I still haven't decided what I want to do with my wine cork collection :) Happyyyyy weekend!

MzJessicaxo said...

No way!!! Calgary!!
You're my first from here!!
Love the blog by the way :)
I have to follow now haha

xoxo Canadian Kisses that is

Kae* said...

Hehehe ohhh Cruz you are so adorable!
Have a great weekend. :)

krink said...

Oh my gosh that puppy is AMAZING!!!
Good luck Justin and Cruzie!
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

I have an embarrassing amount of wine corks...if you want them I'd happily send the red! haha I can't wait to see your project. Those snow pix of Cruz kill me. So funny! Happy weekend lady!!

Logan said...

Cruz, your to funny! Dal finds the only puddle in the yard. And splashes in it! Lol
Skype this weekend!!!

Britt said...

I love that you have to drink more red wine to finish your project! Enjoy the process. Happy Friday:)

Janna Bogert said...

I would help you, but I rarely drink ;/ I really like the idea, though!! I love having a mantle to decorate...makes me feel like an adult. Haha

Jessica said...

Cruz is so funny!! Haha, soaking up the snow like that ;)

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Leslie said...

I can totally save corks for you!
PS Thanks for the blog tip!! Appreciated!

Katherines Corner said...

hugs and happy weekend wishes. Love that video!

Jamie said...

Your pup is too cute.

Ashley said...

ok cruz on the snow is too funny! hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cruz is so silly!! Maybe she was warm so she was trying to cool down!! J did a bunch of yard work this weekend! Hosed down the house, raked the backyard, did some work in the front yard (it will finally get finished this year!), cleaned out the garage, and we put out the patio furniture!!

I sat out on the deck and drank a small glass of wine tonight. So lovely!!

I'm so excited to see your cork project! Unfortunately I am mostly drinking white wine these days (well when I drink!) but I will try to snag all the red wine corks I can find and pass them on to you. Why red wine? Just for the colour on the cork?

...Love, Lindsey said...

Clearly Cruz loves the snow! ;) Your posts always make me so happy b/c she's so silly!

How have you been?!