Rickter has left the building...


Well today marks my Dad's very last day of work.
After 32 Years with Shell.

This is where it all begins!
The every day weekend!
The never ending holiday!
Officially a retired man!
Whoo hoo!

My Dad is one of the hardest workers I know. Period.
I asked my brother to tell me 5 words to describe our Dad. 
Well his email was awesome I am just including it all. Thanks bud.

This was impossible AJ. I kinda got it down to 5 words….
Able:  Dad continues to surprise me on what he is able to do. When I was young I was amazed he could barefoot or change the oil in a car… now those seem minor compared to what else I have seen – Run marathons, build a house, provide this life I have (my family has), fix everything and anything… the list goes on.
Reliable/trustworthy: I could give many examples but the one that stands out the most is when I met one of Dads co-workers in Chicago a couple years ago. During the first conversation I had with this man he told me that during his 10+ years with Shell he trusted only 3 people the entire time, and Dad was one of them (this man was at a high level in the company). That spoke volumes to me and I will never forget that.
Athletic: I thought he was the greatest athlete I’d ever seen when I was a kid, Dad could play anything and was always the best. I still don’t know anyone his age who is at his level of athleticism or in the shape he is.
 Teacher: It is an endless and unfinished list of things Dad has taught me. Most recently, making economical choices. i.e Buying a vehicle I can afford rather than a gas guzzling truck I want! Haha
Friend/Family man: Last summer after a late night at the cabin, a buddy mentioned to me how cool it was that Dad stayed up shootin the breeze with us. I guess I hadn’t thought of it or I took it for granted but it is true. He is one of the boys. Enough said.

Jeff just said it all right there...I could really just end this post here, or let Jeff take over this blog because he rocks but I have more to say...

Dad's job has always been tough, never just an easy sit at your desk type job.
He's had to travel some, work late, spend weekends at work and bust his butt but he has always proven that if you work hard you also get to play hard in the end.
And that he does.

I know he is looked up to at work. Not only because he is a great guy, ridiculously athletic, hard working, smart, detail oriented and thorough -  but he is fun.
He plays on the Shell Hockey team  - with guys that are my age. 
And can keep up on the ice and with the beer drinking. ;)

The man can't sit still so I have NO IDEA how he is going to fill his work less days...but I do know Mom and Dad will figure it out together...

They will have a lot of fun at the lake for extended periods of time....

Lots of traveling...

Oh you'd like to take us too?! Perfect!!

Maybe a couple naps here and there... (doubt it!!)

What I do know is retirement is not going to slow them down, this a just a brand new adventure. 

They will constantly be doing something: running half marathons (they are running one this weekend!), going for bike rides, working on projects, kayaking - you name it. They do it.

We are so proud of you Pops. Now ENJOY retirement - it is well deserved!!
Have fun, we are all so excited for you guys!
And always remember you are so loved!!

(Enjoy that LAST walk back to your truck Dad! xoxo)

Now everyone - where ever you are tonight please raise your glasses and cheers to my Dad! :)

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Courtney B said...

It sounds like they are definitely going to take advantage of retirement! And he deserves it :)
Eric is such a hard worker.... I can't ever picture him fully retiring. The man would go stir crazy, ha ha! We better retire rich because he has big plans to rebuild hotrods and muscle cars... that costs a ton of $$!

Ashley said...

Awww such a sweet post to you Dad!! Even your brother got a little sappy there!! But it was well worth it!!! Congrats to your Dad on several years of success and I wish him the best towards his next path!! May his days be full of fun and excitement, laughter, a few naps and good beer!!

Leslie said...

What a great post! It brought a smile to my face.

Leigh said...

Your dad (& mom) sure are amazing people! I have no doubt that your dad will have no troubles finding a new hobby for his retirement years! I hear baby sitting is fun ;)

Kae* said...

This post is so moving. I am not close to my real father, so to see the love you share is so amazing, and so great that he has been such a hard working family man. He sounds like a guy that deserves awards and trophies!!! :)
I will def raise my glass to your father aka papa m as I will call him haha.... Cheers from South Dakota!!!!

Tami said...

Congrats to your Dad! I know you are so, so proud!

Whit said...

Happy Retirement Rick!!!!

Logan said...

Whoot whoo!!! Yippee!! Enjoy!!! Big hugs!!!!

Dad said...

Thanks honey....you two made me cry!! I admit, a bit of a difficult day....I am literally about to "leave the building".

krink said...

Congrats Rick!!! We are so excited for this next chapter in your life!

Kristin said...

Congrats to your dad!!

Amber said...

Awwww! So sweet! Congratulatios to your daddy!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I hope your dad can soak up all of his days now that he is retired, yay for him!

sophistifunk said...

congrats to your dad!

Bride-onicles said...

What a great weekend re-cap! I am waiting until the day when I can retire..but I have a ways yet! :) Have a great week!