Questions Galore!

I don't have a lot to say today and I have had this sitting in drafts for a while - so voila. 
The lovely Sarah from simply sarah tagged to answer these questions (a few weeks ago - sorry!).

1. What are you most looking forward to this year?
 Jeff and Jolie living here.
Building a deck.

2. What is your favorite nail polish?
Purple Panic by China Glaze
(it's more pink though and needs a top coat cause it matte)

3. Pauly or Vinny?
 Don't watch it.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
 Near a sandy beach.

5. What's your favorite cocktail?
 I will always go with wine.
But I do love mojitos, sangria and martinis.

6. Are you addicted to any reality tv shows? If so, which ones?
 Oh yes. We watch our fair share. Survivor, Amazing Race, any Bachelor series, Hells Kitchen...what I am I missing..?

7. If you could only leave the house wearing two makeup products, what would they be?
 Blush and eyeliner.

8. What's currently in your bag?
Erin Condren Day Planner
Hand Sanitizer
3 different lip glosses
Bath and Body Work Lotion (Rio Rumberry)
Hair remover brush (thank you crazy shedding dog!)
Fruit bar
Ibuprofin and Justin's allergy meds

9. What's the best book you've read?
 I loved:
 Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult
House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams

10. Beach or pool?

11. What is your favorite healthy snack?
Apples with almond butter
Apples and cheddar cheese
Edamame with sea salt

And then the wonderful Adrian over at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls tagged me in these 11 Things Questions.
1} What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
Curled. I love my curling rod. 
But I'd love for you Adrian to come to me house every morning and do my hair. Ok thanks.

2} What 3 things would you absolutely need for the zombie apocalypse?
Zombie apocalypse? You lost me.
But I'm gonna go with...
 1. A side kick (Justin) so I don't have to survive alone and he is {slightly} stronger then me. 
2. A multi-tool. Like survivorman. It has a knive...seems handy. 
3. Solar powered flashlight. Cause the dark would not be fun.

3} Cat person, dog person, or not an animal person?
Dog for sure.
Ah the baby Cruz. She never did grow into those eyebrows!

4}What do you think of the barefoot/minimalist running trend? bonus, would you wear "toe shoes"?
I think they are interesting. I have heard of people loving them, so I wound like to give them a try.

5} What's your favorite body part?
This picture has nothing to do with shoulders but its cool. Oh Bob.

6} Describe your eye color

7} What's your favorite flavor of cupcake? If you don't like cupcakes, we can't be friends. For reals.
ha ha Love cupackes. So friend on Adrian.
I'm gonna go with the kind Whitney made once..they had peanut butter icing and were mini so you could eat twice as many. yum. You should probably make those again Whit. 

8} How do you make a bad day better? 
Walk Cruz
Ice Cream
Maybe all of the above. :)

9} What's your least favorite trip ever? ie: vacation, school, family, work etc.
I can't think of any I disliked...? I love trips.

10} If you could meet one blog friend in real life, who would it be and what would you do?
That's tricky, there are so many. I'm gonna say Kelle Hampton. Not that we are blog "friends", I am just one of her 17,000 followers. :) But she is awe inspiring, her girls are so fun and they always seem to be doing something I'd like to join in! So I'd love just to spend the day with them and chat with her. 

I can't wait to get her book. I'm just waiting patiently for it to arrive!!

11} What color best describes you?
I'll go with pink. Love it. So bright, fun and cheery. Which I am not always, but strive to be!
(A pregnant SIL Crystal and I pre-Emerson.)

There you have it. 22 questions. Done.
Happy Wednesday.

Oh and Happy Sibling Day Brother! And Crystal and Troy too! :) 

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Ashley said...

Cute post!! Your eyes look blue! I love curling my hair too!

Leigh said...

That is a lot of questions and answers! But super fun to read them. I would choose Vinny. Yes, I am admitting to watching the show. Best book that I've read lately would be: Dear John, Sarah's Key, Fifty Shades of Grey. I am a reading kick lately!

Jamie said...

Great post!

secondhand bicycles in uk said...
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Kae* said...

Its always fun to learn more about you friend! I love it because even though we have never met, I consider you my real life friend :)
Happy Wednesday! xxoo

krink said...

What??? Sibling day? So fun!
Happy Sibling day to you too!
P.S. I think you would not fare so well in the case of a zombie apocalypse... you would definitely need some sort of weapon!!! :)

Andrea Dickherber said...

Living near a beach is fantastic! That was always my ideal place to live, too, and finally we moved to Los Angeles :)
I'm loving your dog's eyebrows. Too funny!

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

christine donee said...

Ice cream and wine, definitely. Always makes a day better.

Cami said...

Come visit my beach!
Your hair always looks oooo pretty!