New White Beast

This weekend the weather was beyond gorgeous. It was so nice to be outside in shorts and a tank top and have the patio door wide open! 

This weather is welcome to sick around.

Friday while Justin worked from home (because we sold his car) he had a cute little visitor:
His Mom and Emerson stopped by!

Friday night we had a nice visit with Blake and Karen. It's always nice to catch up and have some hilarious conversations. They also helped gather a couple corks so they were did their job.

Then Saturday morning we were up early to go pick up the new addition to our garage.

It may not look like it from this photo but Justin was on cloud 9. All weekend.
He has always wanted this vehicle and has always said that if he was given $100,000 to buy a vehicle he would still buy this Xterra SV. 
It is beautiful I must say. 
We only wanted white, there was no other option! :) And we are so happy with it.
It will be great for camping, our mountain bike trips, trips to the lake...
The trunk part is huge and Cruz knew exactly what to do too the minute we open the back she hopped right in!
So cute.
Even though the Xterra replaced Justin's vehicle I am the lucky driver of it to and from work because I drive maybe 15km to and from work and Justin drives 84km every day so it just makes sense.
I think he was a little nervous leaving the house this morning! As he kissed me goodbye he said "Drive Safe!!". :)
I just need to get used to driving an automatic since my car is standard. 

This weekend we also:
Picked Mom and Dad up from the airport and went to their house for dinner last night. Yum.
Went for many walks! Leigh and Harley met us for a nice one yesterday while the guys went for a long bike ride. We thought it would be fun to dress the exact same and the guys wear the EXACT same jerseys. So funny how that happened! Cruz was one tired girl last night!
Did some more yoga.
Visited Debbie and Nana (and to introduce them to the new white beast above).
Justin replaced our garage door opener after a stupid mistake. oups.
Jeff arrived safe in NY with Jolie. :)
Picked up a wine kit to start.  A Malbec.
Oh and I kicked Jeff's butt out of the hockey pool! See ya later Penguins.
We watched The Vow. Loved it.
 And just enjoyed the GREAT weather.

That's about it. Now - sigh- we are back at work.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend. :)

Dad here is your countdown: 5 more day of work!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love XTerra's! Well I love Nissan's in general, we have a Rouge and love it.

Al said...

Yay!!! congrats on the white beast!!! Cruz looks as happy as Justin does :)

Have a fabulous Monday, and drive safe! ;)
Love to you, friend. xo

Logan said...

Road trip!!!!! Just saying!!!! Ok now I'm waiting!!!!! Xox

Leigh said...

Woo hoo to a new vehicle! How was the first drive to work in it?

Ashley said...

I think the new vehicle is chic... yup Justin I just called it chic! I think Alison must look pretty good driving it.And Crus looks like she fits right in! Glad you guys are finally getting some good weather although they are calling for snow mix here for today and tomorrow... I loved the vow too, but cant wait to see the lucky one!

Rachel and John said...

What a lovely vehicle! I love my Mazda 5 because of the huge truck too!

Caroline said...

i really want to see the vow and love the new ride. Cruz looks so pretty inside!

Gabriella said...

LOVE the new car! Congrats! Cruz seems to love it too! :)

Anonymous said...

did she really just call the Mazda 5 a truck? Maybe she meant trunk? Far from a truck. Closer to a wagon than a van.

Lindsey said...

Loving the xterra - it is so pretty! I would have been scared to drive it too. AGH!

Also, I read earlier that someone else loved the Vow. Now, I'm even more determined to see it ASAP. Fun, busy weekend you had! Happy Monday :)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I have a white xterra too! It's the only car I've ever had and I am in love with it. I say the same thing to Doug, that if I could pick any car I would still choose this one! Y'all are going to love it!!!

Kae* said...

So happy for you and Justin with the new vehicle! :) sounds like a great weekend love.

Leah said...

Love the new car!

Leah said...

Love the new car!

krink said...

Emerson had a great visit with Uncle Justin and Cruzie on Friday too!
It's a beautiful white beast I have to say! Gorgeous!!!
T-minus 5 Days Rick!!! Whoot whoot!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Very nice beast!! Isn't it gross how expensive gas is?? Even with J driving a hybrid it's still bloody $$! I miss my gas efficient Civic!

I loved The Vow!!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Leslie said...

I love your new car!!! Getting new cars is so exciting, and Cruz seems to just LOVE it already!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the new car!! Perfect to take camping. We picked up our new trailer on the weekend and I can hardly wait to go.

Jessica said...

Ooh, loving the new car!!

Bride-onicles said...

Beautiful car and the white is perfect. It looks like Miss Cruz adjusted quite well to the way back. She is just too cute.

Janna Bogert said...

When I was younger I wanted and xterra so bad! They are pretty awesome. I drive a stick now too, so when I have to drive an automatic- I try to drive with both feet! Haha.

Leisa Dreps said...

That’s a beautiful addition to your garage. I think it’s a wise choice that Justin picked the XTerra SV, since both of you are driving a long way to your work. It’s also very good for offroading because it can handle extreme driving situations. Plus, it is built with a fully boxed frame for additional strength.