Low key & Lovely

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was low key which was great.
Even though it was a snowy, cold weekend Spring is coming. It was light enough this morning that I could comfortably walk Cruz in the ravine and not feel afraid with it being super dark. She was one happy girl.
Well Friday afternoon I came home to a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers from Justin. :)
He went to the florist who did our wedding flowers and asked for flowers that were in my bouquet. So sweet. They didn't have many of them in stock but the bouquet was stunning.
He also bought me Strut wines that have shoes on the label. I am known for buying wine just for the unique name or label so this was very thoughtful on his part. 
Thanks babe, you are the bestest.

I loved being able to chat with Jeff this weekend. 
He send me a text with this photo. 

He is in Vatican City today and went to Trevi Fountain. Amazing.
Glad Jolie made it home safely and they had a great time together. 
Only 6 more sleeps and he will be in NY with you Jols. 
THEN soon you will both be HERE! :)

We had to drop Turbo Tax off to our friends Blake and Karen.
Justin couldn't just leave it in the garage. 
Nope, he spent 10 minutes creating a tower. :)

My parents are in sunny Arizona so we (meaning Justin!) shoveled their walks for them.
Cruz takes shoveling very seriously. 
(And yes that house is PURPLE!)
She LOVES catching the snow, biting the snow, biting the shovel. It's more of a pain than anything but she loves it!

We had a fun dinner with Leigh & Mr. D on Saturday night. Love it when the guys make plans for us. :)

Justin spent a ton of time organizing and rearranging the basement yesterday. He made it very clear he DID NOT want my help, I don't know why but didn't complain. 
He did help me add hooks to my earring holder for my necklaces, LOVE it.
I then cleaned up my jewelry box my Grampa made me too. 
I really love it, it's so handy.

I also cleaned out my closet. Feels good to purge items and get it all organized (yes, it's color coded) again. :)
Justin bribed me with a promise of a Starbucks trip to go to Rona with him.
We (meaning Justin! No shopping for me!) ended up buying the bathroom hardware I have been eyeing to update our main floor bathroom.
With {little} help Justin and a tutorial later I had those bad boys installed. 
Love how looks. Not a great photo, they are antique looking sorta.
This weekend we also watched:
We really enjoyed both of them.

Other than that - the usual 2 a day walks in the ravine, cleaned the house, I finished Bloom, lent it to Leigh, she also finished it, quick visit with Justin's Mom, made a big purchase (more on that to come), celebrated it with champagne...the end.

Low key and lovely.

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Kae* said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! Love the flowers! Such a great surprise! Glad you had a good, low key weekend!
xxoo :)

Leigh said...

Harley does the same thing when I am shovelling! It's kind of annoying, but good thing he's cute :) He was so excited when you guys came and then sad when he realized Cruz wasn't there. Doggie date is in need!

Joeylee said...

pretty flowers and those snow pictures with your dog made me laugh. I posted pictures of Kona's pups today!

The Undomestic Mom said...

love those pics of Cruz!!!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

My goodness girl! All that snow??! How crazy. I cannot believe you finished Bloom that fast! I definitely need to order it as soon as I'm done typing you a comment! Did you do a tutorial on the earring holder? I love it!! Can't wait to see what the big purchase was too, exciting!! ps. your hubs is the bestest...I love it when they re-create our wedding flowers; so thoughtful!! You deserve such a wonderful man. Happy Monday!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an excellent weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about the rest of the weekend! That Justin has some romantic tendancies!!!

Caroline said...

J did good with those flowers. He needs to have a chat with Fred. Ha!

krink said...

Umm... Auntie Alison... You have entirely too much jewlery!!! Wow!!! I'm super jealous! :D
Great weekend!!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

What a great hubby bringing you home wine and flowers:) So sweet! I feel for you with the snow and cold weather - normally we're stuck with it down here too but somehow its 90 today!

Chrissi said...

hi there :) so glad you had a low key and wonderful weekend! those flowers are pretty and i love the way you've organized your jewelry!

Gabriella said...

Sounds perfect! Those flowers are gorgeous and Cruz in the snow is hilarious!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You got a lot accomplished!! My closet used to be colour coded- now it's just a mess!! More like this section I fit in, this section I can't!!! Hahaha

Looking forward to hearing about your big purchase!! Yum Champagne!

Funny my nephew was at the Vatican last weekend!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

That bouquet is gorgeous - he did a great job!
And I'm guilty of buying a wine brand that I've never heard of just because I like the bottle...so your'e not alone on that one lol

Hope you had a wonderful day, girl!

Bride-onicles said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love how Justin was so thoughtful and got flowers from your wedding to use in a pretty bouquet for you. ANd where do you live with all that snow?! Hope you guys stayed warm this weekend! :)

Megan said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love that your hubs asked for flowers from your bouquet!

Sarah said...

It sounds like a fabulous weekend! And how sweet was that of Justin to go try to get your wedding flowers?! Does he have any brothers?! :) Glad you had a good weekend!! xo

Al said...

Your weekend was PERFECTION. Especially those 2 a day walks. Mmmmmm nice. :)
And what an amazing hubby you have to get you flowers! And not only that but WINE - wine with SHOES!! I have my favorites, but I am not above going with a cute label. It's the best way to try out new and different wines!

And I have to get my hands on Bloom. LOVE Kelle...

Hope you had a fabulous Monday, love!

Leslie said...

The flowers are so pretty! The Strut red wine is one my fav's!

Michelle said...

The flowers are so sweet! And SO excited you finished Bloom! Another friend already read it too? WOW! Love the pics of Cruise and so glad the movies were good- I've been wanting to see Contraband :) Have a great rest of the week!