J squared.

Today I just have to share some photos of Jeff and Jolie's Spain trip.
1. Because they are adorable.
2. Because it looks amazing there.
3. Because I miss them tons.
4. Because I know Gran, Nana & Grampa/Chris would want to see them.
(hi Grandparents! Love you!)

So here we go. 

Love this boy.
SO pretty.
Love these two.
Such a great photos you two. :) xoxo

Cruz got a new collar. She wanted to show it off a little.
Her and her BF Harley ordered collars together from Addison Logan.
All spring-y now. 

Lastly I will leave you with this.

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Kae* said...

Great pics! I have always wanted to go to Spain, and omg I want Jolie's hair! I am trying to grow mine out, so beautiful!
Love Cruz's new collar!

Ashley said...

Love all the pictures!! Cruz's new collar is soo cute! Sorry I haven't finished hers yet!!!

I pray that quote is true!

Sarah said...

amazing photos!!!!!!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I am so jealous of their trip!! Looks like so much fun! And that last quote is AMAZING!!

Leigh said...

Looks like they had a fantastic trip! Harley loved his collar and said thank you :) Brian noticed right away when he got home :)

Caroline said...

Oh wow! Amazing pics! And they are the second cutest couple next to you and J!

krink said...

Great Pics!!!! Troy absolutely LOVED Barcelona!!!
Can't wait for them to come for summer!!!

Laura Darling said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

Ashley said...

what a cute couple!! They would make pretty babies!

Can we all go to spain?!?!