Genius I tell ya.

Before we get to the reason behind my title I have to show you this:

My mailbox made me very happy yesterday. No not for the Bike mag, that made Justin happy, but Bloom arrived!!! I forced myself to workout before I sat down to start reading. 
So far - incredible. Cried, laughed, didn't want to put it down.
Truth be told, I REALLY wanted to "be sick" today so I could stay in my bed and read all of it. 
But I didn't.
But trust me when I tell you that this book will be read by Saturday night. I have big plans on Saturday that involve me, the couch and this book. :)

Ok on to:

Things that make me say GENIUS!

For less mess beside the computer desk.

Ribbon organizer!

LOVE this.
Justin laughed. I guess that means no. :(

Tension rod under sink for spray cleaners.

Lazy Susan for shoes. I NEED this.

For those pesky summer wasps!

We have these Cutlery trays from Ikea, but never though to use them for Jewelry.
Genuis. I NEED to do this.

This would have been so handy with Emerson.
We used to use dish towels to tie her to the chair! :) 
We may need to invest in this!

I loath tupperware.
CD rack for lids. Genius.

Ball storage in garage!


Cruz will love this come summer. She loves scratching and playing with ice!
How fun.

Too bad our vanity mirror is on Justin's side of the bathroom!

Freeze tomato paste and cut off how much you need!

Use clean stamps on Sugar Cookies! Cute!

Why did I not think of these things!

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Logan said...

Me too!!! Love them all!!!!!

Justin said...

You do realize that I've used those Clips on our computer desk for the cords for over 3 years, right?

Jes said...

it's so hard not to love pinterest when they have so many genius ideas!!!
great post. i love the clips for the computer cords. mine are always all over the place.
xx jes,

Café Moka said...

Love these things!!! Great ideas!!!

Joeylee said...

I got my book on Monday and I've been reading it when the girls nap and I secretly wish my girls would play nicely together so that I could lounge on the couch and read it during the day, but NO! hehe

it is a great book, I'm thinking about getting it for my mom for Mother's Day. Since my brother was born with DS and she didn't know either until the peditrition checked him cause you couldn't really tell.

Page Twenty-Two said...

The cupcake wrapper on the glass just blew my mind! At my house we get these tiny fruit flies starting in August and they stick around until about November! If we have anything (especially wine) they attach our glasses! Great idea!

Mom said...

Trust the techy guy to have ALREADY used the cord idea!!! Love all the ideas:) And love having a tech guy in the family XO

Kae* said...

Yay for the book, maybe that will be my next book on my kindle!
Oh I love all these! Such great ideas! :)

Ashley said...

Ive been thinking that I would maybe like that book - coming from the non-reader!! All of those things are pretty genious!!

Leigh said...

Could you be convinced to let me borrow the book when you are done reading it? I promise I will return it! :)

Love the cd rack for the lids....tupperware drives me crazy!

krink said...

Wow... those are Genius! And yes... that portable high chair thing may need to be invested in.

The Undomestic Mom said...

I love those! I have missed reading your blog!!

Ashley said...

i think i said "oh my gosh, how cool!" 12 times during this post! haha

love the marbles!

and I NEED To get my hands on a copy of bloom!

Amanda said...

I agree that some of these ideas are genuis! Especially the sugar cookie ones!

Janna Renee said...

I love the stamps on the cookies! Well, I love all of them...I have some of these pinned and now I pinned the others!