Confessions time...

{1} I told Lily this morning that the Vibe 98.5 radio station wasn't working. That station drives me nuts. I swear they play the same 20 songs on loop. 
Broken. She didn't question it.

{2} I wish I could go on Biggest Loser. I as telling Justin this last night, not cause I want to lose weight but for the experience. I'd love to train with Bob or Dolvett (or Jillian), cook with professional chefs, get a makeover and have to do nothing but workout. I'd only like to go for a couple of weeks - a month though AND bring a friend.

{3} Speaking of Biggest Loser...I found the frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer last night. Awesome.

{4} Since I can't shop this month ALL I WANT TO DO IT SHOP. So what do I do? 
Put a Target shopping list together for my Mom and Dad who will be in Phoenix this month. :)
And - they didn't know about this list until RIGHT NOW. Thanks M & D!

Aaand a few months ago I sent a list to Jolie too. ;) My shopper girl.
{5} I have YET to have any mini-eggs this holiday season. 
I have a feeling this will change over the weekend. 

{6} I wish I was going to Mexico with Whitney, Dustin and Easton. Not only because I'd like to be in Mexico again [already] but a week with them sounds about perfect right now. 
I am so excited for them to get away though. :) 
And East is pretty much the cutest little man in beach gear! Love him.

{7} Sometimes I don't know what we would do without Cruz.
We love her so much it's ridiculous!

{8} I wish I was in Bordeaux with my brother right now too. 
BUT I am super excited that he will meet up with Jolie in Barcelona in just a few days!!
Jols - days!! As in 2 sleeps!

{9} You should all go enter my giveaway RIGHT NOW. Do it!

Happy Wednesday!

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Ashley said...

Why are you not shopping? Those shoes are too cute! I thought you just bought shoes... geting off topic...Did I miss something? Oh and Why haven't you had mini eggs?! Because you're not allowed to shop? Speaking of delicious eggs - have you tried the cadbury cream egg mcfluury - heaven!! You should probably start there with egg eatting - just sayin'

Gabriella said...

Love that quote about dogs! So true! Love your Target wish list!!

Logan said...

Haha yep sometimes we have things that are broken too!! It's for my own sanity!! Like certain toys, oh and we have a dress that has been dirty for weeks!! It's the only dress Avah will wear! Day or night! So it stays dirty for awhile!! ;) so with you not shopping, does it not count if I send you money, and it's for the kids?? I will let you know what we are still looking for! Hugs

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I want to go to Target again already, they did not have have their sandals out yet when we were in AZ and now I find pairs I want! Geesh ;)
I love Mini Eggs I made Chad promise he'd only buy me a small bag, because if its a large bag I will eat them all!

Jessica said...

I love how you tricked Lily, I would totally do the same thing, Hahaha! Those wedges are ADORABLE! I'm addicted to wedges!

Just the Two of US said...

I wanna be on the biggest loser too~! maybe we shoudl start one for skinny people to get toned? =)

Mom said...

Oh, your Dad will be thrilled to know he is getting a shopping list!!!hahaha BUT you will be thrilled to know Dad bought the extra large bag of Mini Eggs from Costco. It is waiting for you at the lake.(unopened I might add....except we will beat you out there so it will likely be open!!)

Page Twenty-Two said...

I want Cadbury mini eggs so bad right now! I ALWAYS say I wish I could go to the BL ranch - it'd be awesome to have so much time to work out and get in shape:)

Kae* said...

Hahaha I feel the same way about the radio station here. drives me crazy!
Oh can I be the friend you take haha! I need some serious change soon on my weight!
Proud of you for no mini eggs! :)

Dad said...

I'm OK with shopping for you in Phoenix AJ....and as long as you don't pay us until May then technically it isn't shopping in April is it!?

Sarah said...

Cookie dough balls sound ah-mazinggg right now! Gah I'm so hungry!! And I would totally go on biggest loser just so I can have someone yell at me to keep going while I workout. haha

Britt said...

I want to go on the Biggest Loser too! Could you imagine how awesome your body would look after a month or so? Just in time for summer!

Cami said...

Mini eggs?? Chocolate??
I want to go to Mexicoooo!!

Whit said...

Hahaha.. Poor Lily. I would like to be that friend you take to the Biggest Loser!! Please and thank you :) I love the quote about a dog filling the void, SO TRUE!! And I wish you were coming with us to Mexico too!! (someday) Xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I've stopped listening to Vibe too. I like the songs but not when they over play them so I start to hate them! Urg!! What station to you listen to now? I like 101.5 (or something like that). I also listen to Lite 95.9 (makes me feel old but it has some good stuff).

Easton's smile is precious!!