Autism: Giveaway


April is Autism Awareness Month.
 I first started working with students with autism when I was in high school.
I currently work for a private school for students who all mainly are on the Autism Spectrum.
One of my most special friends Lily is on the spectrum. Autism does not define who she is, but it makes her who she is. And she is amazing. 

And so are all 45 of our students that walk through the doors of our school each day. Over the years they have warmed my heart, opened my mind and taught me to always think about life in someone else's shoes.

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said" - Anon.

Today I am teaming up with the lovely Jaclyn from Jac & Elsie.

 Jaclyn has a brother with autism so has grown up with autism as a huge part of her life. I have talked about Jaclyn on my blog before because for the month of April she always donates 10 percent of all sales from Jac & Elsie
(not already designated for a charity) to Autism Speaks. 

New numbers came out at the end of March that say 1 in 88 children
 -- and 1 in 55 8-year-old boys -- have autism.
I'm sure each one of you knows someone or knows of someone on the autism spectrum. Which is exactly why we all need to be educated on what autism is all about and support the cause. 


*Jac & Elsie values items that are handmade, vintage and upcycled.
Here are some of my favs.

Last year I purchased a few of her autism items.
My favorite is her Hotdogs for Joey necklace that I have.
Joey is her brother and he LOVES hotdogs.

She also supports Breast cancer too.

Today we have a giveaway for you - and your best friend.
You can win a pair of puzzle piece friendship bracelets.

They include a pewter puzzle, a pewter initial charm and a single colored bead in your choice of color.
The puzzle piece friendship sets are new this April, and throughout the month, Jaclyn will donate 20 percent of each of those sold to Autism Speaks. 
Amazing right!

To win:
1. Check out Jac & Elsie and comment here what item you think your best friend would like.
I think mine would like this. Simple and pretty.

Winner will be announced Tuesday the 10th.

Check Jaclyn out here too:

Thank you Jaclyn. Your brother must be very proud and lucky to have such an incredible big sister.

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Ashley said...

I think my friend would like the seashell one or the spoon fork and knife one!!! Great Give away!!

Elisha(: said...

I love the rock, paper, scissors necklaces!! <3

Courtney B said...

I LOVE this post! And such a sweet giveaway :) This subject hits very close to the heart for me. I have a nephew, brother in law, cousin in law, and uncle in law with autism! It runs so heavily in my husbands family that we have a huge chance of our children being diagnosed someday. I love that there is an awareness month where we can learn more about autism and LOVE those who have it!

Leigh said...

Such a great way to support an awesome cause! I would choose something simple like our initials or the heart with the word love on it.

Kae* said...

This post is awesome, and so awesome to support autism!
I love the turquoise chip necklace! I also liked her page on facebook! What an awesome lady, and you are so amazing also! what an amazing job you have and do!

Mom said...

Great way to promote the "Awareness of Autism". The statistics are very sobering. I would choose the Chandelier Earings on page 1 or the extremely long necklace on page 7.

Rachel and John said...

Now, my mom isn't my best friend...but I count her as a friend. And as soon as I saw the charm with the scissors and comb, I thought of her because she used to be a hair dresser (she still does my hair!).

Whit said...

Those numbers are unreal! Thanks for bringing light to an amazing group of beautiful ppl. My bestie loves her accessories so it's hard to choose ;) I'm leaning towards the bamboo mustard yellow pendant or the woven mesh dangly earrings, in the copper brown. Love a good giveaway!

Brittney Denman said...

Such a good post and wonderful giveaway!

Jessica said...

Such a great giveaway!!

Ellen C. said...

I love the short shiny vintage necklace. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

Lillea said...

I think that my best friend would like Sweet little gold belt buckle ring.

contactlillea at gmail dot com

Kaitlin Chase said...

I like the "Set of two friendship necklaces. Silver pewter puzzle piece, initial charm, Czech glass bead. For best friends. Autism Speaks fundraiser."
I would have one with the letter "A" with the pink bead, and the second one with the letter "K" with light blue bead. This is such a cute idea!!!

flyinghearts said...

My best friend would probably like the tiny dove of peace necklace, its really pretty and cute, it could be worn anytime, anywhere!


angel charm said...

hi dear thanks for the giveaway, my friend would surely love Gold toned charm necklacewith Umbrella, treble clef, heart, flower, pearl, cross charms
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YulyaShenka said...

My best friend would love this :


DreamyWeirdoo said...

My bestfriend would definitely like all your creations, but I just know she would love this one:
She's the kind of person that would cry or feel bad for a stranger's misfortunes.


Disincentive said...

She would love metallic necklaces for a killer friendship :D I would love it too by the way. We're simillar!

Aik said...

I think she would love the Phoebe necklace. Delicate beadwork, glass beads, colorful. Silver, red, black, blue, pink. Pop of color chain. One of a kind. Perfect gift.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

nagrade said...

I think that my best friend would like the Tiny dove of peace necklace

AmyDalrymple said...

My friend would like the triple gold heart necklace!

JaMean said...

I teach children with Autism, so this is an AWESOME giveaway! I would choose the Metallic Bullet necklaces! Those are so fun! :)

SusanD1408 Crochet Addict said...

I love
susand1408 at googlemail dot com

TopHat said...

I think my friend would like the shell necklace as well.

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Serenap95 said...

My best friend would love the Customizable BFF rock/paper/scissors necklaces. Set of three. With initial charms. For best friends.


Janna Renee said...

I think my best friend would like the 3 friendship necklaces! Although, we would have to find a third BF to wear them...haha.

Maegan Morin said...

I think that my best friend would love this ring:

megnate at telus dot net

sarah said...

I think i liked the One cameo locket necklace

facebook name: Loulou Sarah

twitter: @faitsarah


gibberish said...

The Pink Peruvian Opal Bracelet would be perfect for my friend. She loves pink!
jlgibbings (at) hotmail (dot) com

i-am-amazed said...

What a great giveaway!My friend would love this:

themissus said...

I think my best friend would love the 'I love someone with autism' charm necklace because her lovely little brother is autistic.

She's amazing and I love her. Thank you for the giveaway!

Francosie F.Q. said...

My best friend (my mom) would love the "Bronze freshwater pearls. Brown cluster earrings."
This is such a wonderful giveaway :) xoxox

imasupergirl said...

My friend would definitely love this bracelet:

Kairi said...

My friends would love the Set of three friendship necklace. Fork, spoon and knife. For best friends and bffs. Silver cutlery women's jewelry. because we're all foodies.
niuniuzheng at gmail dot com

Cami said...

My friend would like


Crystal said...

I like the Set of three friendship necklaces. Peace, love, i could share with more friends! I also think my BF would like the aux diamond vintage pendant necklace

crluckystar at yahoo dot com

Siete Invitaciones Guatemala said...

I loooved the rock paper scissors :)

so original

maria regina said...

they should do also jewerly for diabetes that I would love :)

I liked this so hip

rejasgarrido@hotmail. com