{weekend wrap-up}


Oh Monday. Seriously? Already? I much prefer days that begin with S. :) 
We had a terrific weekend. 
We had great weather. Friend time. Family of 3 time. Jobs accomplished.

This is what Cruz thinks of me taking our photo.

 She found water. Happy dog.
 Smiling in her ravine.
Friday night...

Saturday morning Starbucks walk was had.
Cruz even joined on the Saturday morning errands.

Leigh, Mr. D  and Harley came over for dinner. We used our raclette grill and Leigh made a yummy cake and to.die.for 2 bite brownies.
Apparently we only take pictures of our dogs and men.
Aren't they handsome though?!

I finished my over-sized ruler! YAY! I can't wait for it to go up! And then I'll post it.
I also put this together for over the bed.
Canvas - Groupon $25 (Rexall - don't recommend) - Photo by Whitney
 You and Me Vinyl - Kreative Corner on etsy $10
White words frame - Walmart $12 - Photo by Whitney
Always Kiss me Goodnight Sign - Gift from cousin Logan
2 Thrifted Black Frames
(One I added a piece of cork and a photo print of "You make me happy")
Silver "B" - Home Sense $8

Justin replaced the shower head in our spare bathroom and attempted to do ours too but silly double head leaked each time. He also spend hours working on his new google music obsession and helped his Mom with her recital music.

Our newest photo book came! :)

We also had a fun trip to Rona on Sunday! Yes I said fun! :) We looked at toilets!
Out of our 3 toilets 2 do not do their job. All we ask of them is to flush and neither of them do it well. Not ok. Who knew there were so many toilets to choose from though!
We did get a new faucet for our kitchen sink though! It was on sale and we both really liked it. Now a good looking guy I know just needs to install it...

Well - happy Monday! :) 

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Cami said...

As always - I adore your photos :) Looks like a great weekend! Yay for DIY :)

Leigh said...

Cruz looks so happy in the ravine photos! We definitely need to start taking more pictures. Thanks again for having us over! :) I tried to run with Harley on Sunday and he was having NONE of it. Haha

Café Moka said...

Love your wall! So nice!

Logan said...

Love the over the bed pictures!!!

Toilets, well Dal is really good at hiding toys in them!!! I bought a dual flush, water saver for $200.00, and we are 'sitting' on our old one because we might get a $100.00 re-embersment at the end of the month!!! Good thing we have a truck with canopy that the old toilet can stay in for a few weeks!!!

Guess what??? 2 weeks till we see you!!!!! Yay!!!

Kae* said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! what adorable pics of cruz girl!

Holly said...

2 Bite Brownies sound yummy. I'm glad you had a great weekend. Your little wall collage above your bed is adorable!

Kristin said...

So sad its Monday!! Looks like Cruz had a great weekend as well!!

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! It flew by...can't believe it's already Monday!

Mom said...

As always,love the photos collage you put together.

Lindsey said...

So super cute. I love what you did with your wall!

krink said...

Sounds like a very productive and GREAT weekend!!! Can't wait to see the ruler! Post pics immediately!

Rachel said...

I love all of these pictures and albums! So cute!

Aimee L said...

Awww, Cruz is such a sweetie!! I am getting my very own puppy this weekend (the 18th) and I am sooooo excited (and nervous)! I know the puppy stage is the hardest but it will be worth it :)

Caroline said...

Great weekend and super cute pics of Cruz. Love the photobook too.

Al said...

Aw, what a fabulous weekend! It's so exciting to hear about all the details that are going into your new home :) I remember when you were on the hunt, and now everything is coming together so beautifully! Love and hugs to you! xoxo

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Love your frame arrangement! We also had to replace the toilets in our house..they didn't flush properly, and it wasn't pretty!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love how your wall turned out and I'm in love with little Cruz :-)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy project weekend! Love the collage for over the bed! Keep meaning to do a photo book- hopefully I will find some time soon.

Looks like Cruz was enjoying the nice weather this weekend!

Bride-onicles said...

You guys are so cute, I love how you document your lives in photos and photo books. I love how Cruz is such a big part of that too!

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Love the title of the photo book ;)

Just the Two of US said...

Oh i love all the decor, sounds like you all had an amazing weekend, cruz is adorable in the first pic!

Ashley said...

Love the wall arrangement!!! Looks awesome!! Where did you get your book done? I need to do something with my photos.. since I haven't printed pics in waaay too long!!

Sounds like an amazing weekend!!!