{Weekend Recap}

Well happy Monday. It was nice to leisurely wake up a little later than normal and walk Cruz in the ravine on a Monday! I love Spring Break already!

There has been a change of plans for me this week as I am sad to report my cousin and her 3 kids are no longer coming to visit. :( They are all really sick with colds so they need to just stay home and get better. We are all really dissapointed but it was the right decision. I may still be pouting though.

We had a great weekend.
Cruz did tricks.

Jeff played his last game in Germany. Let the traveling begin brother!!

 We had a great night Friday with lots of yummy eats and laughs. I made all 4 of those recipes I posted on Friday and they were all great. All relatively easy too! The mini apple pies and frozen cookie dough balls were the winners.
Cruz and Comox escaped from the backyard. I found them both sitting on the front step covered in mud. Awesome. It gave me a heart attack and wore Cruz out.

Saturday Emerson came over.
She had a little fun in the kitchen with her cousin.

"Ok Cruz let's play, I'll tell you what to do"
 "Cruz you take this lid"
 "Oh hi Auntie!"
 "Come on let's play with this now Cruz"
 "Oh your prefer your disk do you?"
 A mess means FUN right!!
 Swing time!
 Now time for a walk in the ravine with Cruz and Uncle Justin

Sunday Justin helped his Mom with music again, Leigh and I did a little shopping - we actually didn't find much. I got a new pair of shoes for work and we found a crazy deal on a spring coat - $5!

Last night Justin and I watched We Bought a Zoo. I loved it

Alright I'm off to run errands.

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Rachel and John said...

So sad about your cousin! But if I know you, your week is going to be full anyways! Enjoy it!

Kae* said...

Ah sad about your cousin, hope they all get better soon! Brother coming home :)
Love the pics of Cruz girl and Emerson, so adorable!
Hope your Monday is wonderful-YAY for spring break!

Joeylee said...

sorry to hear about your cousin, hope they feel better soon. sounds like you had a great weekend though.

Leigh said...

Emerson is such a little ham! :) Thanks again for coming shopping...I think since neither of us found much, we will need to another girls shopping trip :)

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sorry about your cousins though... boo for colds and being sick. Have a great Monday, xoxo

Caroline said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin. And Cruz is such a little trooper. She just goes with the flow. Love her!

Jessica said...

Aw, sorry about your cousin! Love seeing sweet pics of Cruz though.

Bethany said...

OMGah poor Cruz!!! What a great sport!!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!! Yay for for $5 dollar jackets!!! Sorry your cousins aren't coming now! So where is your brother off to now?

Gabriella said...

Emerson and Cruz and so cute together! :)

Al said...

Oh my goodness, you did all of that in ONE weekend? I feel like such a bum now :) I love tired puppies, don't you? Something satisfying in that they have been exercised and playing that makes it so blissful! Hugs to you, love, have a wonderful start to your week!

Ashley said...

look at cruz! doing tricks and having muddy adventures! sorry your family wasnt able to come :( hopefully you'll still have a great spring break!

so the zoo movie was good?! i kinnnnnda want to see it ;)

Janna Renee said...

We Bought A Zoo is seriously one of my favorite movies now. SO GOOD. That baby girl is so presh, the pic of her in the stroller is my fave. I hope your fam feels better!

krink said...

Yeah for SPRING BREAK!!!
Congrats on your last game Jeff!!! Can't wait to see you when you eventually make your way back to Canada after all of your travels. Say hi to your beautiful girlfriend when you meet up, stay safe and have fun!!!
I can't believe you let Emerson destroy your house like that on Saturday! Though my place often looks like that. I like to tell people that a toy store has thrown up in my house. Glad to see that she had fun with you guys and her cousin of course too!
Love the shoes FYI.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Emerson and Cruz look like they have lots of fun together!!

Audrey has that box shape thing- a little young to try it out though but glad E gave it a good review!!

I love those shoes and i want to watch that movie!!

Lindsay Nicole said...

Oh my goodness... She is so cute... all her little "Cruz" comments are so adorable. I love how they play together