Tail Wagging Tuesday


Hey readers! Cruz here. Mom metioned that Tail Wagging Tuesday was back today so I was quick to hijack her blog for the day!

This week:
Instagram Edition!!

Let's just say I have gotten really used to Mom and Dad snapping pictures of me with their iphone. Obsessed - is an understatement.
This week Mom is on Spring Break. Spring Break = having Mom home for a full week to entertain me. It's wonderful! Although I was off to a bad start this morning. She scolded me for barking at the neighbors (I never bark but sometimes when there is a little something different about someone I do), needless to say I got in a little trouble. Then she said that I am the worst at walking on a leash. Rough start.

Ok moving...here are a few of our instagrams!

On the bed with Mom and Dad.
My favorite times.
Head on my pillow.
Licking my lips!
Guys throw my disc!
Up on the bed with Mom when she was sick. Gotta take care of her.
Aren't you guys coming out to play? We are at the lake. That's what we do!
I love my ravine.
This morning in my ravine. :)

Well that's it for today. Apparently Mom is leaving me for a bit to go to Bootcamp with Grandma and then to lunch with her and Nana too. :(
So I'm off to nap!


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Brooklyn said...

So adorable! Can't believe Cruz loves carrots too! Glad to find your blog! :)

Leigh said...

Don't worry Cruz, Harley sucks at walking on leash too. Maybe you guys could get together and figure this walking on leash thing already!

Tell your mom that I hope she has a great time at bootcamp and at lunch with her family :)

Kae* said...

HI cruz.
i get in trouble too for barking at things even though I don't bark often either. I am horrible on a leash, I wish my mom and dad would let me just run.

Hope your mom has a good workout and lunch. I am off to chew on my new toy.
love milli

Caroline said...

Cruz is so photogenic! Love that sweet face. And why are we not friends on Instagram??

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

lucky Cruz have her mom at home this week!!!

krink said...

Love you Cruzie... see you tomorrow!!!

Brit said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pup is adorable too!

Claire Kiefer said...

He's so precious! I'm on the hunt for a pup and have been checking petfinder and craigslist religiously!

Leah said...

He is so sweet. I need to find out how to use Instagram!

CMae said...

Great pics lol Thanks CRUZ for linking up!!! :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

What a little cutie!! Aren't doggies just the best!! :)

Rebecca said...

What an adorable pup! I love the picture with the tongue! I've been lucky enough to capture some of those moments of my furbabes as well ;)