Sunshine-y Day

 Well Hello! The wonderful, ever so adorable Sarah from simply sarah tagged me in the Sunshine Award! :) 

Thanks Sarah!
I need a little sushine today!
My job is to answer these questions and then tag 5 of you.

favorite color:

favorite number:
I've always said 7 not sure why.

favorite non-alcoholic drink:
water with lemon.

facebook or twitter:
I guess facebook. I'm not on twitter.

my passion:
a new workout.

favorite animal:
aside from dogs. I love sloths.
They are so so cute!!
(I wish I was this girl)
 (and had this)

getting or giving presents:
I love shopping for the perfect gift and get really excited when I find something I know someone will love.

favorite pattern:
chevron or houndstooth.

favorite day of the week:
I love Friday nights.
But I'll go with Saturday.

favorite flower:
gerber daisies and orchids.
even though I may have killed my orchid. :( My Mom is trying to save it for me.

Now I tag these 5 ladies:
1. Emily of Raines and Shines
2. Shannon of Page Twenty-Two
3. Tara of A Brew of Blessings
4. Kristin of A Hot Pair of Boots
5. Leah of Happily Herring

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Caroline said...

Love this!

Ashley said...

My answers would pretty much be the same!!! ;)

Shalyn said...

Love this and completely agree about finding new workouts- have you tried heated yoga? That was my newest addiction before I got pregnant!

Sarah said...

We are so much alike!! Pink, #7, and gerber daisies?! Twins :) And have you ever heard of the slow loris? It's kind of similar to a sloth but really small...and funny to watch! haha