She's back!

Well..we are back. And not super thrilled about it. :)
We were welcomed back this morning to lots of snow. Typical.
BUT we were so happy to see Cruz last night so that made up for having to leave our beautiful resort. We missed her so much and we were exhausted last night but wanted to spend some time with her before bed too!

We had a truly incredible trip. 
I am currently going through withdrawal from the sun, beach and my pool chair. Mojitos, Miami Vice slush drinks, yoga pool side and someone making all of my meals. I am missing the amazing company I had for the entire trip. I really liked saying "cinco" for the number in our party for every meal.
Le sigh...but we are back and I am ready to get back into routine - I guess. 
I will do a full post of our trip this week for sure. 

Until then, here are a few photos (iphone shots only - sorry) from the wedding we attended the night before we left.
It was Justin's room-mate (before moving in with this girl) who got married.

(me, wedding ready)

Justin was in the wedding party.
It snowed all day and photos were at the zoo. That's a winter wedding for ya!

Bride and Groom.

The boys. 
Mark, Feo, Case, Justin, Aly & Rock.

Their better halves!
Christine (Feo's Fiance), Steph (Mark's GF), ME!, Janina (Case's bride), Megan (Aly's GF).

The fun garter game! Case checking to see if the garter was on Justin...all the groomsmen were lined up and he had to crawl around to find Janina's leg. It was entertaining.

That's it. 
I have missed this little blog of mine so I am happy to catch up on it and all of you. :)
It was actually good to be back at work today and cute to see how excited all the students were to see me back in my office. But maany of them were upset to see that I straightened my hair instead of curling it. It's crazy how many of them commented on it!
Alright, happy Monday.

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Bethany said...

awhhh we missed you!! you looked beautiful!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Welcome back! Poolside yoga? Miami Vices? The sun? How could you ever leave? haha can't wait to see a full recap!

Leigh said...

Welcome back to the wonderful snowy province of Alberta! It's not anything close to Mexico is it?! Can't wait to hear all about your trip :)

Whit said...

Welcome back!!

Rachel and John said...

yay! I missed your up beat posts!! Hope you had anamazing time!

Kristin said...

Welcome home! You looked GORGEOUS at that wedding, girlie! I love that dress!

Cami said...

I always love seeing all your awesome photos :)

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Glad you're back safely!! I cannot wait to hear/see your vacay!! I'm pumped to get away soon!! Glad you had a great time. :D

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Welcome home! I am not ready to come home either! 1.5 more days then back to snowy Alberta.

Caroline said...

Looks like a blast. You look fabulous, as always! :)

Holly said...

Welcome back! You look beautiful in your black dress. Glad you two had a good time! :)

Kae* said...

I was going through withdrawels without our weekly emails! I understand being sad being back though! I am happy you had a great trip friend! Happy you are the back though :)

Chrissi said...

you look stunning :) love the belt on that dress! can't wait to see pics from your vacation :) XOXO

Just the Two of US said...

looks like you all had a great time!

Ashley said...

Yay!!! You are back!! I missed you!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Weddings galore!!

Seriously you find the best dresses!!! Hot lady!!

Bride-onicles said...

What a great wedding, you looked beautiful!