Happy Wednesday! 
Time to list my loves for today and there seems to be a lot!

 These photos by Seth Casteel are seriously so fun.
The ones with the balls are a little scary but the other 3 are so cute!
He takes amazing photos of 4 legged friends.

Loving this quote today.
I'm so ready for this weekend.
We have our annual lake trip with 2 of our most favorite couples. 
Add this cute babe and all our dogs. Perfect combination. 
And thank you to Whit Easton who always sends his Auntie Alison cute pics.

I'm loving that last night when I was out to dinner at Big Fish with the girls (6/8 girls and it was delish. I had perch!) Justin was busy installing our new kitchen faucet.
It looks so different (fuzzy iphone photos sorry)! 
Thanks babe.

I'm loving that my over sized ruler is complete and installed!
My inspiration was from the Pottery Barn Kids one I saw initially.
And then I saw this one and decided: I can do this.
So I hit Home Depot. Found the sweet employee I could and I was set.
Sure it took me like a month to complete. But I did it.
With very little help I might add (until last night). 
And I may have called myself a "handy woman" a couple times.
And even requested a Rona trip with my shopping list in hand. :)

I didn't take many pictures. I meant to. shoot.
Veneer to complete the cut edge of my wooden board.
Had to iron it on and then sand it.
Then I sanded the board like crazy.
Stained it a light grey - 2 coats. Wasn't the color I had in mind but it turned out just fine.
Then I set out to find an acrylic paint pen (found at Walmart $3). 
Work station on Sunday.
Vinyl letters from here.
Awaiting Justin's assistance to spray it with a clear coat.
Then last night I begged Justin to help me hang it. 
Sure enough, just when I thought I had done a job well done, I forgot about the baseboard and it was to long. Fail. :(
But remember that handy woman I am? Well I also have a handy husband with a saw! 
And he saved the day. And then helped me hang it.
Now all is well in my world.
 Cruz wanted to be measured.
 I made sure it was tall enough for my brother! :) Jeff - it's waiting for you!
It's in a really awkward spot to get photos. 
But there you have it!

 Last but not least - look at the cuteness that is my Mom's newest hat she made!! 
So adorable for Easter.
LOVE it!

 Alright - I am out! 

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Jessica said...

I have seen those dog pictures! So fun. And I love that board you made, totally copying you. :D

Holly said...

You have just turned into a crafting machine. I love the ruler... But I love your faucet the most!

Happy Wednesday!

Ashley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote!!! The ruler looks awesome!!! I also love the faucet and the pic of Easton!!!

Melissa said...

The ruler looks awesome! I need to look into that :) Also, i love those pictures of the dogs, they are funny :) Happy Wednesday!

Leigh said...

I hope you guys have so much fun this weekend! Love how the ruler turned out too. How come you didn't get a fun touch faucet?! Haha, the cost might be a bit of a factor :)

Erica said...

I love the large ruler! I need this for my kids!

Tyah Ferguson said...

Found ya on WILW! Oh my goodness the dog photos made my day! The ruler is amazing! Looks like its right out of pottery barn!

Kae* said...

I love those pics of the dog! I saw them on msn and couldn't get enough! The ruler turned out great and so did your mom's hat! Adorable!
Oh the lake sounds great! So jealous!
And yay for the new faucet! hope all is well! xxoo

Page Twenty-Two said...

The ruler looks great!!! You are so handy:) Love it!!

Just the Two of US said...

great things your lovin! cute ruler on the wall! and that precious baby is adorable!

Sarah said...

That is such a cute little hat! And I love the don't think poster. It's so true....if only we could. Happy Wednesday! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE those dog pictures. Your big ruler looks great!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I think the pups LOVED the new measuring board by his photo shoot!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

hahah I LOVE Cruz sitting by your giant ruler! It turned out wonderful!! Good job. :)

Holly said...

Those photos of swimming dogs are hilarious! I especially love the one on the bottom left. :P

Dropping by from WILW.

Taylor said...

Found you via Erin. Glad I did! I'm a dog person as well and love a good blog with some dog pics! Very cute :)


Jamie said...

I love the ruler!

krink said...

Wow! Busy Guys! The new faucet looks awesome! I'm super jealous! And the ruler is AMAZEBALLS!!! Troy and I need to figure out what we're doing for our wall. We're thinking a door frame so if we ever move we can take it with us. Not sure though. Looks great though!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sweet photo of Easton! Such a cutie!!

How do you like the new faucet?? Looks fancy! We have a tall one like that and while I love the look of it, it sprays all over the place because it's so tall so it's a love/hate relationship!! Hope yours doesn't do that!

LOVE the ruler!! You did such a great job! I so would have messed up on the baseboard measuring too! Yay to Justin for helping solve the problem.

Seriously the cutest hat ever that your mom made!! I so wish I could knit/crochet!! Maybe that is something I will have time to figure out in the next year... I used to be able to crochet (just one stitch!) but I am not coordinated enough for knitting!!

Whit said...

Awe I love that collage of the dogs! We need to get pics like that for Cruz and Ty. I wish!! The ruler is awesome, goes sooo well with your decor and of course I'm loving the pic of East. ;) Xox