Friday Fun Things!

 That title took me a long time to come up with can you tell? ha
Today is all about random things that I have going on in this little head of mine or have recently pinned or saved to my computer and decided to share. 
Lucky you!

We have a huge frame just waiting for a chalk board DIY project. 
Justin didn't like the spot I initially wanted to put it. 
So I figured I would just make it for this (eventually!):
 Fun right! 

But then I found this and we have this exact spot in our house. 
And get this - Justin didn't hate it! 
So I will do both. ;)
This seems like a handy purse to have. :)

I am so happy Zuzana has been doing her own workouts on youtube Zuzka Light since leaving Bodyrock.
It's just not the same without her and I have been boycotting them since. 
Cause I'm like that.
But I have been doing her ZWOWs this week and they are awesome. Totally missed her. 
My body thanks you. sort of.

I have a folder on our computer of nursery ideas. No we are not with child. 
I have had it there since well before we were married. I make Justin look at some of my million ideas and get rid of the ones he vetos! So far we do know (eventually) we want grey walls with an accent wall. 

This wall paper (and mirrors) would be so pretty and perfect with grey walls.
Love the stripes. And DIY sign with quote.
Love this lettering for a boys room.
Hey - a girl can dream!  

This bathroom is so happy.

This quote is awesome. Agreed.

I have been collecting corks for quite some time now with the intention to make something with them. This is the photo I keep coming back to. But a "B" obviously. 
Or a peace sign would be fun too. I like peace signs.

Alright. That's all I have for today. 
I'm excited to get to the lake, flop on the couch with a glass of Whit's White Sangria and catch up with 6 of my favorite people. 
Happy weekend all.

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Holly said...

You got me all excited for a minute there!! Happy Friday :)

Just the Two of US said...

love everything about this post!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love the giant chalk board! And the baby idea is too cute :)
I have a Pinterest board of nursery ideas! haha. I really love all the different color schemes for ideas one day :)

Leigh said...

Haha you should only let Justin say no to DIY projects if he isn't going to help you. Otherwise, too bad for him! Do you hear that Justin? ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jessica said...

I need that wine bag!

Tyah Ferguson said...

Love the chalkboard idea! It is awesome! And the wine cork project!

Courtney B said...

I want to put a big chalkboard up in our house SO bad! What a cute idea for baby bump pictures!
I have never heard of that girl and her workouts... I'll be checking that out!

Kae* said...

First off have a blast at the lake!
Secondly love all the ideas absolutely adorable :)

Bethany said...

Whats with all the babbyyyy stuff?!! Got the fever!??

Mom said...

I can see the low chalk board in your house now!
Love the champagne quote :) Enjoy your weekend. XO

Britt said...

The chalk board idea is awesome! I can't wait to have an actual house to do decorate. The purse is a must have in my book. Extremely practical!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Ooooo I love the abc lettering in the baby room! You always find the coolest stuff to put on walls. :) I may need to go buy that purse/wine/bag haahaha too clever! I also love the champagne quote. I too have a folder on my computer, "bambino fever" and a Hope Chest upstairs with some "hopeful" baby clothes. Cannot wait til we can use them!! TGIF and have a great weekend!

Logan said...

OH I love the low chalk board!! Oohh can it be ready by next Monday!! Ok Thanks!! heheee, but really that would be soo fun!!! I love all the baby nurseries ideas!! I wish I did more of that for my babies, but now I get to make big girl/boy rooms that they can grow into and out of!! hahaa, maybe not the out of part too quickly!!! Have fun at the lake!!!

Sarah said...

I love that beergaritas chalkboard idea for a preggers announcement! So cute! And I want that bathroom. So fun and colorful :) I hope you have a great weekend lady!! xo

Janna Renee said...

I'm not the biggest pink fan, but I LOVE pink and grey. As a matter of fact- I want the grey TOM'S with pink hearts, just because of the color combo!

Amanda said...

I love the framed chalkboard idea! I'm trying to think of where in our house that would be a good place to put it... Can't wait to see how yours turns out! Hope you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

so many fabulous ideas!!! i love the quote in that baby's room! and the chalkboard and cork K are awesome!! oh i just need time to do them!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love the chalk countdown!! So cute!!