Did someone say 3:00pm?


Last night we got the BEST news EVER.
Jolie will be moving to Calgary!!!!
She was accepted in to the Masters of Teaching here at U of C.
This makes me so excited because:
1. This means no more long distance for these two:
2. This also means that we will have those above two at home for an entire year!!
So excited!!

Ok back to scheduled Friday events - you know what happens today at 3:00pm?

Any guesses?
If you guessed I will be on SPRING BREAK as of 3:00pm then you are the winner.

I am excited for the following:
My girls and their men (and dog and baby) are coming to our house. 

(Palm Springs - minus Linds)
(Las Vegas - minus Sara)
 All 8. 

These are the recipes I want to make - Now which to choose!

I tried to find ideas Justin would like since everyone is bringing an appetizer. 
And I am doing dessert too. So think I'll make both of those sweets above.
(This was me just talking aloud to myself, or typing aloud to myself. ha)

We are looking after my sweet niece Emerson in the late afternoon. 
My SIL Crystal is in Mexico (lucky lady) and we are giving Mr. Mom Troy a little breather! I so hope it's nice out so we can walk to the park.
(photos from a lunch date)

Leigh and I have a little Spring shopping trip planned. 
We are pretty darn good shopping partners. I am planning on doing another April Spending Freeze so this trip and another with my cousin will be my last for a while! :) You are welcome Justin.

My awesome cousin and her 3 kids are coming to visit! YAY!
This was Mayela's journal yesterday.
(Translation: For Spring Break I'm going to Calgary to get my ears pieced. I'm going to see Auntie Alison and Uncle Justin and Auntie Jayne and Uncle Rick and Cruz and Ripken. I'm really really really excited.)
So cute. I love it. Pretty much topped off the great day to even greater yesterday. Mayela - We are really really really excited too!!
We are so excited to get our shop on, check out the zoo (we do every time they come!), explore in the ravine and just visit. We don't see them nearly enough and I am so thankful Logan makes this ridiculously long trip on her own with her kids. Seriously Super Mom. 

Thursday and Friday
Justin hopefully has these days off so we can hangout and possibly do a few house projects.

I'm so excited.
Happy Weekend all!! :)

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Ashley said...

Yay for Jolie!! Now your brother needs to get his butt home!
Yay for Spring break - maybe yours will be like mine was - BEAUTIFUL... p.s it is only going to be 17 here today.. not 27.
The apple pie rolls are awesome - I make them all the time. Oh and they are super quick and easy to make! But those cookie dough balls look awesome too!! I think I need to try them! But I also want to try the bottom two as well.

I just wrote you a novel on a Friday.. enjoy your time off, you deserve it!!

Leigh said...

Jealous that you are almost on your spring break! Damn you and Brian for getting the week off while Justin and I "slave" away at work ;) So exciting for Jolie that she got in. How excited is your brother? See you on Sunday!

Holly said...

A big YAY for Jolie and your brother to be moving in with you!! This was such a happy post. I don't know what I would make, but the apple bites look really yummy right now.

Happy Friday!! :)

★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

awh! love the photos and new post! so precious!

have a happy weekend, doll!

Mom/Dad said...

So thrilled for Jolie(and Jeff) Finally they will be living in the same city!! Action packed weekend and week for sure. Hi to all the girls from us.

Logan said...

Yay for Jolie and Jeff!! And all of you guys to be in the same city!!

Yes can't wait!! Now if this cold would just leave already!!! Mayela now has it!! Maybe we just need some Alberta air!

JMB said...

DEFINITELY make those fat free choc. chip cookie balls HOLY CHOCOLATE BAT MAN haha. You and the husby are sooooo daggone cute...

Bethany said...

That letter totally made my day!! :)

momto8 said...

yea for you! have FUN!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

What a weekend you have planned! I would make the mini deep dish pizzas:) They look so yummy! Have fun hanging out with your girls and enjoy your spring break!!

Britt said...

SPRING BREAK! No fair;) I hope you have a wonderful time! It sounds like you will.

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Props to you and your spending freezes!! I should really try one. I love those photos of you and your girls; was the black and white one professional? Sounds like you have a great weekend/break ahead. Enjoy that lil cutie patootie! OH, and congrats on the Jolie situation!! How fabulous. :)

Kae* said...

Yay for Jolie moving there :) I bet that's exciting! Happy Spring Break! I wish I was still on it!

Tami said...

Woohoo for Spring Break! I have to tell you that reading your blog always makes me hungry- you always post the most delicious looking recipes! I love Mayela's journal. There is nothing better than kid writing. So sweet!