Tuesday Tid Bits...


....because I don't really have much going on and all I can think about is Mexico! :)

But first and foremost, I have a winner to announce!

The winner winner chicken dinner...is.....

Murdocks Mama!!! Congrats!
Jordyn will look adorable when she grows into this cute tee!
Thanks again Megan for hosting this!

At the wedding this weekend my sister in law Crystal rocked these bad boys...crazy right! 

And I forgot to tell you about these.
My hairdresser recommended I get them and they are magical.
You just twist them into your up-do, bun, pony, etc and no elastics needed and it gives that messy look. 
I used them for all of these attempts. Pretty fun!

And Leigh had these on her blog. So I stole them! Because they are so cute!
Harley makes Cruz looks so small!
 I love this!!! Sleepover buddies!!!

And last but certainly not least my brothers roomie in Berlin Vinnie was just featured in Pro Hockey News for his Natural Hat Trick! 

{Natural Hat Trick when a player scores three consecutive goals in the same game, uninterrupted by any other scoring)
What makes HIS natural hat trick even cooler is that all 3 goals were scored shorthanded as well!!
YAY Vinnie! :) Whoop hoop.
High fives from Canada.

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Ashley said...

Those hair clips look cool!! Cruz looks love struck in the pics!! I really like the side buns!! You would have totally rocked them!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Oooo I need to try those hair pins. Are they easy to use??

Jennifer said...

I have to get those twist clips. I hope they can hold up my heavy hair.

Caroline said...

I'll have to try those hair thingys. Super fun. Love those killer heels!

Leigh said...

Where did you find the hair things? I've looked before and never been able to find them.

Haha Cruz & Harley are so cute together

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

omg i LOVE the spin pin! i swear by those babies...well when my hair was long. they rock and don't break your hair. good find lady!

krink said...

So the goody hair twisty things work???? I've been eyeing them for awhile but didn't want to spend the money in case they didn't work. But maybe now I'll pick some up.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I've tried those spin pins, and my hair won't stay up...I must be doing something wrong!

Gabriella said...

Harley and Cruz are the cutest! Homie loves puppy play dates!

Amanda said...

Love the picture of the sleepover buddies! So freaking cute!

Jen said...

Those shoes are amazing!! That is so awesome about your brothers roommate what an incredible accomplishment!!! And as always your dog is so cute!!!

Leslie said...

I love love love those shoes. I have been eyeing them for awhile now.
Those hair clips intrigue me. I always fight with my hair when I am trying to do something different with it.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I tried those spin pins, but they won't work in my hair, since it is so thick :(

Your doggies are adorable!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those shoes are cool but they scare me! I much prefer your sparkly ones!!

I must get some of those twisty things!