Thursday Random

Random is where I am at today. So let's get to it.

Saw this quote, thought of our Cruzie and love this photo of her. Done.
So lucky she is ours.

My mom's spicy butternut squash soup is truly a treat for the tummy. yum.
I should really get her to share the recipe with you cause it is legit delicious and nutritious. I rhymed. 

Mom told me about these socks for Dogs for inside the house so Cruz doesn't scratch the floor (too late!) and so she doesn't slip (possibly causing her to be less afraid of them). 
Well Mom and Dad bought Cruz a pair of adorable pink ones for her early Valentine's present.
Clearly she is the cutest thing EVER and clearly she hates them. BUT I keep telling her she will get used to them.
It is the funniest thing ever seeing her walk in them. She kicks her back legs up each step.
Hilarious. I brought them to show Mom and Dad her reaction this morning and they laughed as hard as Justin and I did last night. Poor thing wouldn't even show her face for a photo.

I just found this photo of me on one of my bachelorette parties.
Themed party obviously. I promise. wow.
And thank you again to my brother who came to pick me up when it was time for me to leave...and go to bed. stat.
And yes my hair was crimped. 

Speaking of my brother.
He is a scoring machine and has been working the power forward position while still playing defense for the penalty kill. That is talent people.

And my dear I miss you and that brother of mine. 
BUT I still have my fingers and toes crossed that you will be moving here very very soon. :)
And then we will have lots and lots of fun. 

Dear University of Calgary - please be smart. You NEED Jolie. I promise. Thank you.

That it!
Enter my giveaway! Ends tonight! I announce the winner tomorrow! :) Get on it.

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Holly said...

That soup looks fantastic... and now I must go google socks for my husbands beloved Chauncey. :)

Megan said...

I love those socks!! Where did you get them. We live in military housing so it has linoleum is the kitchen and bathrooms and our dog slips all the time!

Leigh said...

Ahahaha I am laughing at Cruz and picturing her wearing those socks. We've tried booties on Harley and he hated them. Refused to walk in them, silly dogs.

Definitely get your mom to share the recipe! It looks delicious!

Bethany said...

LOVEEEEEEEE this. Cruz is so presh I can't believe you're doing that to her!!! LOL!!! CRIMPED hair!! LOVE.

Amanda said...

Poor pup doesn't like her socks! Love that picture of you from your Bachelorette! Too darn funny!

Caroline said...

I love the note to Cruz. So cute. She is such a loved little girl. And yay for your brother. I hope he does well. He deserves it!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

bahaha I don't know what's funnier, the dog socks or your like-a-vigin-esque pose?! Love it. Good rhyming skills by the way...I seriously wonder if that Jolie student taught where I used to teach? She looks so familiar. Small small world. Have a great night!! Thanks for the laughs. :)

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

OMG!! Those doggie socks are awesome!! lol The soup looks delicious!

Jessica said...

Hahaha, loving those bachelorette pants!

Rachel and John said...

Poor Cruz! I have never seen a dog who doesn't Prance with stuff on their feet!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Oh my gosh I love Cruz's socks. I think Maisy needs some! Not necessarily for any purpose, other than to look adorable and make me laugh :)

Bride-onicles said...

HAHA love Cruz's socks, I'm totally picturing how our dog would react to wearing those! Too funny!

Ashley said...

hahaha love the socks!! I love how pets walk with things on their feet!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I love the quote about the dog. So sweet :)

Tami said...

That soup looks amazing! You must, must post the recipe! Please? :) I love Cruz's little socks. I can only imagine how funny it is to see her try to walk in them!

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