Tank tops in February!

This was one of those weekend that I wished would never end.
Friday after work Lily came home with me and we immediately hit the ravine as the weather we were having was unreal. She was in a t-shirt, running around with Cruz and was complaining she was hot!
I love this photo of her.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is 11 years old, not the 3 year old I first met. wow.

Justin and I then went to Red Water Grill up in Aspen for dinner.
It was incredible. Seriously go there. The Red Pepper dip was so so delicious.
Our friend Amy wasn't working Friday night unfortunately but she treated us to "birthday" champagne when we got there so that was very sweet.

Saturday morning was a perfect 'walk to Starbucks morning'. So that we did.
Cruz totally agreed.

In the afternoon these too played.

Justin worked on our Central Vac install (AND finished it Sunday!! And I LOVE it. It is wonderful and so is he!!) 
I did grocery shopping, my car took me to Home Sense somehow (weird right?!), then Cruz and I went for an amazing run. I wore capris and a tank top! In February! 

Then we headed to Leigh & Mr. D's for dinner.
Leigh made the most delicious chicken tacos as well as some to die for guacamole
That I ate way too much of I might add!!

(Speaking of guac: I am guest posting over at Al's blog Traffic Jelly so hop on over there for some recipes, wine ideas and a fabulous blog! Al: you must try this guac recipe - it will change your life!)

I made Peanut butter rolo brownies for dessert with vanilla ice cream.
Had a great time with these 2 and the dogs got their play on.
These are the photos Leigh and I sent to each other later that night....
Tired puppies!! perfect!

Sunday morning I met Leigh for Crossfit.
Her 'box' was having a bring a friend to class day and she decided to torture me! Kidding.
It was my first time, so I was a little nervous but I loved it.
The workout was awesome and hard.
But I think what I loved most was the atmosphere.
And I don't care what Mr.D says, wallballs are freaking hard. My legs say so today!
Thanks again Leigh. I will be back! 

Cruzie cuddled up to Dad's yesterday clothes.

All weekend we had the screen door open and Cruz thought this was pretty cool - especially in February!!

We also went and hung out with Justin's Mom for a couple hours Sunday afternoon.
She is altering a couple of my new bathing suits that I got that are too big. 
She also make delicious coffee.
Cruz was pumped to find a little bit of snow left at Gramma's!

While I was making dinner and Justin was watching the Super Bowl I put up our new EAT letters. Yes Justin - they were a must.
Best part of Super bowl...David Beckham commercial. Hands down.
Madonna was pretty darn good too.
I was cheering for Blue for Jolie. :)
And that's that.
Happy Monday!!

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Bethany said...

OMG i totally agree about the commercial!! LOL! I texted Sarah, "Holy Beckham!!" LOL!! So, what is the story behind Lily? I'm always wondering..

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Love all the dog photos. Too cute.

Ashley said...

Love all the pictures! Our weather was nice too, but not THAT warm!! Those brownies sound awesome!!YUM!

Al said...

I'm on it, babe!! Another excuse to have guac for dinner tonight :) And I just love the pics of Cruz - what a sweetie!

Leigh said...

Love the pictures of Cruz and Lily! Looks like they both had a lot of fun :) So glad you enjoyed crossfit and I am glad you came with me to try it :)

Jessica said...

I'm glad you had such great weather!! :D

Ashley said...

I LOVED the Beckham commercial - women watching the Super Bowl are the reason it aired :) Heaven knows if it was only men, that commercial would have NEVER made the cut!

I wish I could be excited about tank tops in February .... It hasn't gotten below 70 during the day in weeks! It is so warm here most of the year, I enjoy the couple weeks we get that are cold. Apparently I won't get those this year!

I love your eat letters =)

Sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend!

Caroline said...

Love the new letters. Sounds like a fun but busy weekend. So glad y'all were able to get out for a bit and enjoy the weather!

Mimi said...

Ok, cruz is really cute and so is your header! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Aesthetic Lounge

Shalyn said...

I love all the talk/pictures of the outdoors in your post. It is so refreshing when people enjoy being out in nature- makes me want to go run right now! And I love your kitchen- that color is so nice!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Look at all your picture taking!! Love it! Such a beautiful weekend- we have been so spoiled.

I really like the EAT letters in the kitchen!

Annie said...

i can't believe how warm it is by you guys!!! i enjoyed all the photos :) that little lady has certainly grown up and she is so pretty. wherever you live looks so nice, i love all the paths and you can walk to starbucks? jealous! and can i say i'm totally jealous that you got to get out and run and in a tank!! i haven't ran in forever, i miss it so much :( hoping to join a gym once cullen turns one!

p.s. hope all else is wonderful!! i miss reading your blog! i'm so behind.

Cami said...

I adore all of your photos!! Glad you had such an amazing weekend :) Cute pups!!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Just the Two of US said...

lilly looks adorable. I bet cruz was wore out after that! glad you had an amazing weekend with wonderful weather!

Janna Renee said...

It looks like your weather is a little more tolerable for the time being! Ours got worse :( haha. Your puppy dogs are so cute!