Monday Miscellany

Well Hello Monday.
We had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends.
Friday after work I made these. Yummy and super easy.
Friday night we had a delicious Rib dinner with my parents.
Saturday morning we met Dustin, Whitney and Easton at Diner Delux for a yummy breakfast and of course lots of cuddle, smiles and fun. Easton has become such a little boy and we just love him. His parents are pretty cool too. ;)

 "Smasher" and Uncle Just. So cute.
 One of my new favorite photos.
He was loving Justin's scuffy beard he's got going on.

After that we had a lazy afternoon. I did make the Corona Cupcakes for Troy's birthday. 
They turned out great but I didn't think they had a very strong beer flavor. The icing was yummy though (I used lime, not orange).

Saturday night we watched The Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi. We were disappointed, it was confusing and really had no story.
Cruz was sad about it too.

Sunday I joined Leigh and Nicole for lunch as Nicole will be having her little girl soon and we wanted to see that belly one last time and shower her with a few gifts. 

Then I was off to Laurel's first birthday party.
There were a lot of old high school friends, family and kids running wild. 
Carla did an amazing job of the party and Laurel was full of smiles, hugs and eating icing like pro.
(photo from Carla)

I didn't take any photos as I was too busy answering questions as to why I was without baby. Seriously. Answering the same question over and over in a 2.5 hour time span is really fun. Like tons. Any one else want to ask me that question? Anyone? {And yes Sheldon that is sarcasm}. 

While I was out Justin went to play hockey with Blake and he even vacuumed and cleaned the floors! Good man. :) [He also was up early both mornings with Cruz and walked her while I slept in. Best Husband ever.]

Then we were off to Crystal and Troy's for a Birthday Dinner for Troy.
We had a great BBQ dinner and Emerson entertained us all night as usual. 
This photo alone tells you that 1. She is my niece for SURE and 2. She has great taste in men already.
Yes she walked around with this photo of David Beckham most of the night. Love her.
She is giving kisses now which pretty much melts my heart, loves to sit for stories, bends down looking for kisses from Cruz and seeks Justin out so that he can give her tickles. She is just too fun.
With her new hat my Mom made her. So cute.

And a few announcements:

The very last entry for the giveaway won! And that is is Al from Traffic Jelly! I was just talking about her on this very blog last week. So I hope this helps to bring out that inner "Domestic Diva" in you Al, I know it's there! :) Congrats. I will put you in touch with Kelly.
And thank you again to Kelly from Bugaboo Gifts for hosting!

And Taylor sent me facebook this photo this morning. 

Apparently my girl rocked it last night. 
I am going to have to check out her performance on youtube.
But nice work Taylor.

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Chrissi said...

looks like a jam-packed weekend! those kiddies are precious :) and cruz is too, of course! curious about the frosting on the cupcakes...was orange recommended? i would think orange would be great for blue moon cuppies but you made a great decision going lime for the corona ones! would you make them again?

have a wonderful day :)))

Jessica said...

I'll have to make a batch of Corona cupcakes for my hubs!! LOL

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Ive made those pretzel cookies before. So yummy!

Holly said...

Your corona cupacakes looks so yummy. It looks like you baked up a storm this weekend. Lucky, Justin!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I saw those pretzels and those cupcakes on Pinterest! Yours came out awesome!!

Joeylee said...

looks like you guys had a good time with the kiddos! they are such cuties

Al said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK I WON! I never win anything!! whooooo hooo!! :) Ok, now THAT is a good way to start the week!!

Thank you, can not WAIT to share my goodies with you!


Rachel and John said...

TSwift did rock it. I only watched to see her sing! So cute!

Sorry you had to feild all those questions. I remember what that was like and I'm already starting to get them again.

But still sounds like a fun (but busy) weekend!)

Natalie said...

Those cupcakes looks amazing!

Tami said...

The Corona cupcakes turned out SO cute! I'm definitely going to have to make those. I'm so sorry you were bombarded with the baby questions over and over. I know it gets old having to answer a question that is really not anyone's business. Hugs to you girl!

Whit said...

Your cupcakes look incredible!!!! Holy smokers good work girl!!!! Jayne did an awesome job of that hat :) wow!! What a crazy busy weekend!! Love all the pics. :)

lori said...

those cupcakes look so good.
you are so pretty!
i cant believe people keep asking why you don't have a baby yet. so rude.
this post was filled with so much cuteness, i almost cant stand it!
and yes, taylor rocked it.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those pretzel chocolates were so good!! I might have to make them myself except I have no self control and will gain 10 pounds in 1 day!! The Corona cupcakes look delicious too- personally I would be fine with them not tasting like beer but I could see how the boys would be disappointed!!

Easton and Emerson are so cute!! I never get tired of seeing pictures of them.

Yay Taylor!!! She deserves those awards!

Britt said...

Those cupcakes look so tasty! Rum Diaries was AWFUL! My husband dragged me to the theater to see it and I was not impressed.

Caroline said...

Is Cruz better? I love that E walked around with David's pic all night. Too cute! :)

Kae* said...

wow all your treats look sooo delicious!
Those cupcakes are something I will have to try!
Yes! Taylor did awesome! Scott and I watched it!
What a great weekend, and good job Justin :)

Hannah @ The New Black said...

Yum! I've made something similar before...pretzels with rolos and a pecan on top...amazing! I didn't catch the award show but was glad to hear that Adele & Taylor got a few wins in.

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Whoa your cupcakes look absolutely amazing!! Great job!! Cruz looks less than thrilled with the movie bahahaha. I didn't watch the Grammys either...but I want to watch a few performances,Tay's being one of them. Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend!! ps. I hate "that question" too. :P

Jen said...

Looks like you had a good weekend :) I have not watched the Rum Diaries and I think im gonna skip it becasue you are not the only one I have heard bad things about it from. Those cupcakes look delicious and I also LOVE Taylor Swift!!

Forever Dream Photography said...

Came across your blog through my lovely friend Shalyn's. Loved reading your posts. and seeing the pictures of you guys with your dog is so sweet!(we bring home our puppy this, can't wait for her to be apart of our family photos) : )
*New Follower*


Sarah said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!!! No wonder you ate a few ;) Sounds like y'all had an eventful weekend. So fun :)

Amanda said...

You're one busy woman! I hope those cupcakes were still tasty. Maybe I'll have to try them. And the picture of Justin and that cutie patutie baby is a keeper. They both look so happy!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a weekend full of partying!!! Those goodies look yummy!!!

krink said...

What an action packed weekend you guys had! Glad it was fun though. And thanks again for bringing desert last night. Emerson and I shared another cupcake today for lunch. It was delish!!!
And thank you for spoiling my husband and daughter rotten! Troy absolutely LOVES his shirts! I think he told me 3 times last night alone how great you guys did picking them.
Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

Ashley said...

cute babies, delicious yummy food, more cute babies, dessert and tswift.....this post knocked it out of the park!

Gabriella said...

Love those babies! I love the picture of Emerson holding the DB picture. Too funny! Your cupcakes look delicious! :)

Leigh said...

Your treats were delicious! Pretty sure I ate almost the whole bag when I got home tonight. If I gain weight, I am blaming you ;)

dina vanessa mercado said...

nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog...

hope you could visit my blog too...


Real Housewife in MN said...

oh my gosh seriously with the baby question! When will people realize that's SO uncomfortable! Glad to hear you made it through :) LOVE the pics of Cruz!