Monday Fun Day


Monday in randoms...
  •  No work today means I love this Monday. Thank you Family Day. What makes me love it even more you ask? That my Gran will be IN MY house in a matter of hours!!! That's right. I am so excited to see her and then even more excited that I will be in Mexico with her in less than a week.
  • On Friday for work we went to a Thai Cooking Class. It was so fun. We made 6 dishes and then enjoyed them for lunch. It was great and I am so thankful to work with such amazing women.
Seriously check her shop out because she has so many fun, colorful clutches, wallets, etc.
  • Cruz had a great sleepover with her boyfriend Harley on Saturday night. Thank you again Leigh and Mr.D. So appreciated you having her.

  •  This is what a typical workout involves...see Cruz, she is staring at her ball that I am supposed to throw constantly the entire time. And if I am doing something on my back and she is being impatient...she will drop it right on my face. Awesome.

  • Saturday I had a wedding to go to. Since Justin was away I went with Crystal, Troy and Debbie. This was for the ceremony...

I met everyone at Crystal and Troys and was able to read books with Emerson prior to us leaving so that was a bonus!
Emerson came to the ceremony and looked cute as ever.
Dick family at the [very long] ceremony.

I attempted a few buns and just wasn't feeling it with the dress I was I didn't have the patience that day to perfect them. So I went with the last image, more of just a low side pony.
My sparkly dancing shoes!
All ready for the reception...with scary eyes.
We were texting Justin to show him we were having lots of fun and he was missing out..
The family...
It was a beautiful reception at the Pallisar Downtown. The food was INCREDIBLE. And it was such a fun reception too. Everyone had a tequila shot to start off the night! And I am pretty sure we had the rowdiest table.
We had such a fun night. We danced like crazy and at one point it was just Troy and I on the dance floor with 5 other [older] couples. What can I say - we love Footloose and Crocodile Rock!
I thought our midnight buffet for our wedding was awesome with pizza and cupcakes - they had pizza, mini burgers and these cute containers of french fries! You know I ate those fries!!

  • Remember to enter this giveaway for this sweet shirt..I announce the winner tomorrow. Get on it!!
  •  Yes we do own a real camera but I use my iphone for EVERYTHING that's why some photos are not great. meh.

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Just the Two of US said...

great pics! you look adorable! i love all the pics! yay foe mexico!

Kristin said...

(1) Yay for your Gran coming to visit!

(2) Bigger yay for your trip to Mexico! (Super jeals!)

(3) Umm, you looked GORGEOUS at that reception! LOVED your dress AND your hair!

Natalie said...

I love your reception dress! Where did you get it?

Ashley said...

Have fun with your Grandma!!! Love your outfits and your hair and your eye make up - what did you use? I like the side buns too!! Looks like you had a busy, yet fun weekend!!! Enjoy your day off!!

Jessica said...

That Thai cooking class sounds like so much fun! Have fun with your gran :D
PS- that one shoulder dress looks AMAZING on you!

Leigh said...

I think your hair turned out fabulously! Loved the dress too...where did you get it? ;) Glad it worked out though :)

They had so much fun together on Saturday/Sunday morning...Harley slept for most of Sunday! :)

Joeylee said...

1. a cooking class sounds like fun
2. that clutch is super cute
3. you look AMAZING in both your outfits!!

Caroline said...

I'm totally jealous of your day off! And you looked super cute! Love your hair curly. Teach me how to make mine look like that!

Jessica said...

I have enjoyed my day off, too!!!! I love the color or the clutch you won. I never seem to get lucky enough to win anything good. I loved your outfits, you looked super cute!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

AH! Your reception dress is GORGEOUS!
And those shoes, too :)

Hope you survived you Monday, lovely!

Amanda said...

Love the one strap dress! And your updo turned out fantastic! Glad you had a good weekend even if Justin was away!

krink said...

Had a great time at the wedding on Saturday! You looked incredible as always!!!
Oh and I liked the shop on facebook.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The Thai cooking class sounds awesome!

You look so pretty all dolled up for the wedding!! I kinda liked the side bun you had going on ! I tried doing one for the wedding I went to a few months ago and I agree they are way harder to do than they look! I also ended up with a side ponytail!

Looks like you guys had a blast at the wedding!! Fish lips!!

Kae* said...

you are so beautiful friend :)