Mimi & Chip: A Giveaway!

Megan from Mini & Chip is here for a great little giveaway for you!
Megan makes the cutest items.
Check it out...

Key fobs:
Car seat covers:
 Purses and bags:
 Soother clips
 Snack packs
The works! 

Now I'll be honest with ya. I won a giveaway for Mini & Chip in the midst of our move into our new house and for some strange reason my brain gave Megan an address that DID NOT EXIST.
I kid you not.
Not our old one, not our new one. 
I gave her part of our new one and then some random street. Dummy.
So I really hope that whoever lives at that address LOVES my winning items or send them back to Megan! 

So since I am such a dope Megan is giving one of my readers {this exact} super cute size 2T Owl shirt!
Perfect for your little one, a niece, a friend or for a gift!

To win:

1. Follow this blog and like Mimi & Chip on facebook.

That's it.
And if you win, make sure you know your correct address. 
Seems easy enough right. yeah. You'd think. 
I will announce the winner Tuesday!

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Kristen at First Name Smith said...

OMG I need one of their key fobs! I LOVE their stuff!

Leigh said...

Haha oh man, that is funny that you gave her a random address. Their kid is probably pretty styling right now! :) Already a follower and going to like them on facebook right now :)

Ashley said...

Silly girl!!! Did you give me the right address? lol
I love their stuff!!!! I follow you and like them on facebook!!

Mom said...

Love the purses!!

Kae* said...

Wow! I love her stuff! Those purses are adorable! I liked her stuff! :)
PS. Happy Thursday!

Makin Memories Of Us said...

I follow your blog and follow Mimi & Chip on facebook!

Murdock's mama said...

Adorable...I love them on FB now! :)

PS...you always have the coolest giveaways!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Such cute stuff!!! This is not going to be good for my wallet! I like Mimi and Chip on FB.

Don't feel bad- when we were in the process of moving to our house I set up the mail auto-forward with Canada Post and gave them the wrong postal code!! It was wrong on the listing or something (I didn't make it up!). Thankfully I was able to get it corrected for the auto-forward and I had to go back to a few places to fix the postal code! Oops!!

Rachel and John said...

Oh no Alison! That's horrible. Maybe the package is just lost in the mail and she'll get it back soon. Then she can re-send it to you!

Whitney said...

I literally NEED those little owl onesies, girlfriend. And i don't even have a baby to shop for.

Nina said...

Great idea! I love these car seat covers! What a great look!