Fun Friday

 So. Let's get down to business.
All this snow we just got and the next dump they are calling for tomorrow - no thanks.

Tonight I will soaking up as much Cruz as I can because I will be dropping her off at my Aunt and Uncles for 9 days. We always miss her so much.
Justin also have his rehearsal for tomorrow's wedding.

Then we have the wedding Saturday for these two. Justin is in the wedding party so we actually had to change our flight so we didn't miss the wedding.

Then bright and early Sunday morning we will be off to this exact resort.
I'm totally ok with this.

We'll have a few of these. I Promise.

I will do A LOT of this. Double Promise.

 Then we will have a :

For these two love birds. I may be REALLY excited.

PS. Jeff and Jolie please meet us there. Please. Start walking.
All that's missing will be you guys. 

Oh look Auntie Rachel is waiting for me with a drink..gotta go. 

Will miss you all. 
See you in 10 day.

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Makin Memories Of Us said...

Oh man, I wanna go! I hope you guys have a fantastic time.

Gabriella said...

That picture of Cruz "talking" to you guys is hilarious. I think Homie asks us why he can't come every time we leave the house.

Have a great trip!!! :)

Café Moka said...

Have a great trip! Never been to Mexico but would love to!

Joeylee said...

we just dropped our dog off at the breeders yesterday to have her puppies, she'll be gone 8 weeks (insert tears).

Have an awesome time in Mexico, I'm so jealous!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Have lots of fun! We are off next week for holidays too :)

Amanda said...

Omg I'm so jealous! I could use some beachiness right now :-) hope y'all have a wonderful time!

Ashley said...

sounds like an amazing trip! please soak up some sun for me!! have a great time!

Kae* said...

So I am suppppper jealous! It's blizzarding here and I would love to be going somewhere warm!!!
Have fun mi love! xxoo

Page Twenty-Two said...

I'm sooo jealous! Have so much fun:) Don't miss your doggie too much!

Megan said...

How exciting!! Have a blast!!!! Una mas cerversa!! Don't quote my spelling on that!!!

Leigh said...

You guys are going to have an awesome vacation! Bring back some sun :)

Natalie said...

I am so jealous! Have a great trip :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm so jealous! I hope you guys have an amazinggg trip! Get enough sun and beach for the both of us!


Shalyn said...

You lucky girl! Be safe and have so much fun! I can completely understand missing your puppy- leaving them is so hard!

Ashley said...

Have fun!!! We will miss you!!!(and Cruz too) Be safe please!!! Oh and bring back some warm weather to Canada please ;)

aunty rachel! said...

Sweet, cant wait till you get here, 2 more sleeps! See you soon, get ready its hot hot hot!!!

Whit said...

Take me with YOU!!
Have FUN! Xox

Bride-onicles said...

Enjoy your trip!!! And we have to leave our poor Jack for 17 nights between the wedding and honeymoon, and its going to KILL us but we have a nice lady coming to stay with him who will take great care of him and send us pictures every day! We will probably annoy her to pieces checking in about 300 times a day!

TaraR said...

New follower via Kristin at A Hot Pair of Boots.

Have a wonderful time at the wedding and soaking up the sun in paradise!
So jealous :)


Kristin said...


kendra @ little almanac said...

so jealous of your mexican vaca! have fun!

lindsaywotherspoon said...

Wish I was going too! The resrot looks beautiful! Have a great time!

Emily said...

ahhhhh! so fun! love your blog (especially the header, precious!!)

Momma StJ said...

Have fun, my friend! SO jealous of your vacay....maybe in about 20 years I'll do the same :)