Pops & a vinyl for YOU.


Today is a SUPER special day as it is my Dad's birthday.
And he pretty much rocks. No joke.
I mean look at the first picture...you can't disagree with me now can you?
{He can also do that behind the boat. Point made.}

Cruzie adores him as much as we do.
We always have a blast with my parents. 
They have always been down to join in any party, stay up late, try a new game, new drink - whatever and we love them for it.

Jeff and I are incredibly lucky to have a guy like you to call Dad. 
And I know Justin gained a father in you years ago as well.

Happy Birthday Pops! 
We love you SO so much today and everyday. 

And to celebrate my Dad's birthday...I have another GREAT giveaway for you.

Kerri from Kreative Corner Designs on etsy has THE BEST vinyls.
I love vinyls. They can add punch to any room and are not permenant.
I just ordered a couple from her and she is giving one lucky reader a $12.00 credit to her shop.

Did I mention she has ridiculously good prices?
That credit can pretty much get you anything in the shop!!

Here are some of my favorite:
(I could pretty much put a vinyl in every room of my house if my husband would let me).

Perfect for the Lanudry room. So true.

The bathroom:
A little girls room:

I got this one of our shower! tee hee

One of these would be so fun in a gallery wall, nursery, you name it.
Front door:


I bought this one for over our bed.

Perfect for the at home gym:

And look at all the colors you can choose from!!!

Amazing right?!

Alright. How to win?
1. Follow this blog AND tell me what you would use the credit on.
2. Add Kreative Corner Designs to your favorites (heart it) on Etsy.
(leave 2 separate comments)
I will announce the winner Friday!!

PS. Kerri also does custom orders so if you want something special just ask her.

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Ashley said...

Ohhhh!!!! I love Kreative Corner!! - I am a follower and I need to add to my collection!!

Ashley said...

Also, Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! He looks soo young!!! (No joke)

I heart Kreative Corner Designs!

Jessica said...

Aw, your dad sounds like an awesome guy, happy birthday to him!

I would love to win the vinyl and put it in the babies room. :D

Jessica said...

Annd, I heart her on Etsy! :D

Bethany said...

GREAT giveaway Alison!! Your dad is SO presh and that 'stache rocks!! How long has he been growing that thing?!??? Hahahaa. Your parents sound a lot like mine and I know Shawn enjoys being able to hang with the old folk.. his dad is a Pastor so it is a lot more low key with them. How is the skincare working?!!!

Rachel and John said...

I love the you & me one!!

Rachel and John said...

liked her shop too!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday to your dad! He turned 29 again today right? :)

I like the laundry today or naked tomorrow one. Need to do something to our laundry area and that would help!

Momma StJ said...

I follow obviously :) I need a laundry room vinyl! she has some great ones

Momma StJ said...

I favorited on etsy

Ashley said...

I would the get naked for in our bathroom OR I would get the Laundry today or Naked Tomorrow. So funny =)

Ashley said...

PS: VERY Happy Birthday to your dad! It sounds like he has the same kind of relationship with you and your husband that my dad has with me and mine =) and and my dad is SUCH a sucker for our pup!

Purple Daisies said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Rick!!!!

Mom said...

Great post for Dad, AJ :)) I will check out the vinyls later.

Whit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Dad is the best..."Do as I say, not as I do" words of wisdom by Rick. ;)
Ps. I'm a follower of your delicious blog AND I added Kreative corner designs to my faves on etsy..... oh and I would choose the est. vinyl for our front entry :)

Mom said...

so many great sayings...I like...."It doesn't get any better than this" and "You can't leave footprints in the sand......"

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. Today is Fred's mom's birthday and Justin Timberlake's. Just a random fact!

Dad said...

Thanks for the post honey....don't know that I'm worthy of all those nice comments! Dad

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, I hope that he is having a great day. Love the post

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

Your dad is bad to the ass! Love it! Happy birthday pops!

Ashley Slater said...

your dad is adorable! happy birthday to him!


Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Happy Birthday Alison's dad!!! He looks like an awesome guy. :D

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

I made her a favorite on etsy--what a great idea! I would put the credit towards a custom vinyl. Not sure what it'd say yet!! LOVE this.

Kae* said...

First off Happy Birthday to your dad!
LOVE that first picture of him!
Did you take it?
Second of all would use the credit for the
"I do...love you" vinyl!

Kae* said...

I just liked it!

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Good luck to everyone I look forward to working with one of you.

krink said...

Happy Birthday Rick!
First off I want to say, you could never get the "Laundry today or Naked tomorrow" decal because, it would take two years of tomorrows before you would have to go naked with the amount of clothes you have! ;)
Secondly I wanted to let you know that the decal I would choose would probably be the "Love you like CRAZY" decal, though I also love the "Guns don't kill people, Fathers with pretty daughters kill people!" That one's awesome too!!!

krink said...

I made her a favorite on Etsy!

Jen said...

I am a follower and I would get the Get Naked Sign for my bathroom :)

Jen said...

I made her a favorite on my Etsy!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

Café Moka said...

I love that giveaway!
I love Kreative Corners and those vinyls!
I would love to buy the vinyl All Because Two People Fell in Love!

Café Moka said...

I am a follower, of course!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i follow your blog and with my credit i would purchase the This Kitchen Is Seasoned With Love Vinyl Decal

Meg {henninglove} said...

and i hearted her etsy shop! wonderful giveaway

sherry L. said...

I follow your blog and like splish slash I was taking a bath! lilsis_75@hotmail.com

sherry L. said...

I hearted her shop! lilsis_75@hotmail.com